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Ugly Baby?

ve8QAd   |   June 04, 2010

Virginia school officials are horrified that some students saw a scientifically-accurate fetal model. The principal and a staff member have been put on administrative leave, while the school board says the matter is being investigated.

It’s hardly complicated. The “fetus dolls,” as they’ve come to be called in the media, were given to students by a staff member at the Oakwood Elementary School in Norfolk. The four-inch models, lifelike and beautiful, depict an unborn baby at 12 weeks gestation. An attached card describes the first trimester of fetal development-just as you’d expect to find in a science textbook. It’s a positive way to begin dialogue with children regarding an important topic. There’s no mention of abortion or religion, but the visual itself is apparently too objectionable for school officials.

“It’s hard to imagine,” said one school board member who opposed the idea. Another stated it was “entirely inappropriate and unacceptable.”

Since when is the image of an unborn baby horrifying? Schools routinely send students home with lifelike dolls to teach them about the challenges of parenthood. And with sex ed classes often taught in elementary grades (they start in 6th grade at Oakwood), it hardly seems indecent for these same children to be exposed to a figurine of an unborn baby.

We can only conclude that pro-abortion activists are once again afraid of the truth. Indeed, the knee-jerk reaction of the school and its board shows they can’t even allow basic information on fetal development to be shared for fear that it will infringe on the sacred right to abortion. After all, if children-the future parents of America-recognize that a 12-week-old fetus has arms, legs, eyes, ears and all the parts of a baby, then the abortion mantra becomes the only ugly part of this story.

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