The Biology of Prenatal Development

National Geographic knew a good thing when they saw it. It acquired access to unprecedented video footage of early fetal development, which has been edited into an amazing DVD called The Biology of Prenatal Development. Even the most seasoned pro-lifer will learn new things from this amazing presentation on the child within the womb. For example, did you know that at just eight weeks an unborn baby shows evidence of being right- or left-handed?

The Biology of Prenatal Development is an encyclopedia of prenatal milestones presented in a video format that captures the viewer’s attention. It explores fertilization and implantation, organ formation and brain growth. Viewers learn, in fascinating detail, various physical activities of the unborn child up to birth.

This DVD is an excellent resource for education on the beauty and intricacies of prenatal life. The fact that it’s published by National Geographic, a non-biased source, gives it instant credibility with all audiences. We highly recommend it as an effective window to the womb.

Life Issues Institute is working in cooperation with Priests for Life to promote this great pro-life educational tool. Not only are they making the DVD available, but you can also help get it into every school, pregnancy center and church. Any organization or individual, Catholic or not, is encouraged to impact their own local community with The Biology of Prenatal Development.

Priests for Life suggests a donation of $20 per DVD. However, quantity pricing is available. Here’s your link to more information: The Biology of Prenatal Development Video Project.

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