The Camera Doesn’t Lie

The success of our labor is becoming more evident every day. For the third time in a row, a Gallup poll shows more Americans are calling themselves pro-life than pro-choice. Gallup titled their analysis, “The New Normal on Abortion.” And they’re right.

It’s no longer normal to think an unborn baby is disposable. Even the liberal Slate Magazine had to acknowledge that young people have wised up to the facts. “My generation has seen ultrasound photos of ourselves and our siblings,” one young pro-lifer told the reporter, “so it’s sort of hard to put the ‘fetuses are just a clump of tissues’ line past us.”

As the saying goes, the camera doesn’t lie. When young women considering an abortion see an ultrasound of their baby, about 80 percent choose to continue the pregnancy. Pro-abortion arguments crumble when they see a beating heart and tiny, growing body.

That’s why it’s so encouraging that more than a dozen states are considering ultrasound legislation. The bills require abortion facilities to give women the option of an ultrasound before the deadly procedure takes place. Of course pro-abortion activists are battling the proposals with all the venom they can muster. Suddenly, they’re no longer for choice-not when the choice is for women to see their unborn babies.

But just as we wouldn’t deny a cancer patient access to vital X-Rays, these mothers should be given the opportunity to review all medical information relevant to their procedure. Abortion facilities already use ultrasounds to determine the size and age of the baby. The problem is that they are notorious for turning the screen away from a mother’s eyes. They know that if she sees the child, she’ll likely run out that door and never come back. So they simply hide the information for the sake of hard cold cash.

Now that so many states are stepping up to the plate to deal with this blatantly unethical practice, women are one step closer to being given a life-changing (and often life-saving) choice. That makes this a brighter day in America.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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