Abortion’s Facelift


The largest abortion mill in America opened this week-one of many multi-million dollar mega centers expected to crop up throughout the nation in the next few years.

Planned Parenthood is making room for what they hope will be millions more clients as a result of the new federal healthcare law-particularly low-income and minority clients. The 78,000-square-foot mill that opened in Houston this Monday is in the middle of four Hispanic and Black neighborhoods. Another in development for St. Paul, MN is adjacent to university and minority housing. And quite tellingly, the brand new site in Portland, OR is located right along Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

The abortion industry’s new strategy is to get a facelift. Smaller facilities are banding together, opening contemporary offices that, from all appearances, might as well be spas. It happened in Illinois two years ago when five affiliates merged together in favor of a single, larger site. Denver followed suit and opened a 50,000-square-foot office. Reportedly, similar centers are in the works for an ever-increasing handful of other states as well.

These buildings-classy and attractive on the outside-are designed to detract from the horror of what goes on inside. It’s another subliminal lie from Planned Parenthood: that abortion is safe, even pleasant.

They’ve demonstrated that they’ll do whatever it takes to get more women through their doors. Abortion brings in nearly 40 percent of their revenue. And with about a third of its billion-dollar budget coming from the government, Planned Parenthood is America’s rotten heiress.

But a pretty face doesn’t make abortion any less evil or any less a modern-day holocaust. No amount of redecorating can hide the reality that abortion hurts, and it hurts whether women walk out of a designer facility or a plywood shack. Regardless of how many mega center abortion mills Planned Parenthood builds, millions of pro-lifers will always stand ready to share the love and compassion that young men and women are seeking. You can’t compete with that.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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