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The Amistad Journey

ve8QAd   |   August 01, 2009

Update: the Amistad Journey initiative was archived in September 2015.

The pro-life movement has consistently focused on strengthening state laws to restrict abortion, protect children-both born and unborn-and inform women of the dangers and harm caused by abortion. The movement, however, has never focused on the enforcement of those laws until now.

Phill Kline, as Attorney General of Kansas, became the first prosecutor ever to receive abortion records from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s one billion dollar abortion giant. The records provided evidence that resulted in a District Court Judge finding probable cause to believe Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri committed 107 violations of Kansas law, including 23 felonies.

For his efforts, Mr. Kline was viciously assaulted by the abortion-aligned Kansas City Star and major Kansas media. Planned Parenthood, which stood to lose $350 million-plus of annual federal funding if Mr. Kline’s charges resulted in conviction, spent millions to malign Phill and remove him from office. The pro-abortion Kansas Supreme Court repeatedly interfered with Kline’s investigation but had no legal basis to stop him. The Court became so desperate to delay Phill’s efforts until he was out of office, that the Court, without notifying him, simply ordered a key witness to Planned Parenthood’s criminal conduct into silence. His charges against Planned Parenthood are still on the books as the Kansas Supreme Court struggles on how to explain its order silencing the witness or decides to lift the order now that Phill Kline is out of office and cannot personally forward the prosecution.

Now, Phill Kline has brought his legislative, legal and leadership experience and skills to Life Issues Institute with The Amistad Journey.

Mr. Kline is uniquely qualified to lead the effort to ensure our nation’s laws, designed to protect children from abuse, restrict late-term abortion and protect parental rights, are enforced and protected. Demonstrating courage and vision, Phill Kline is ready to lead the pro-life movement onto a new field of battle.

On August 26th, 1839 the Spanish schooner, The Amistad (meaning “Friendship”) was seized by a US Naval vessel off of Long Island and escorted to New London, Connecticut. On board where 53 slaves recently kidnapped from Africa who revolted on board and took control of the ship. Their landing on American shore initiated a multi-year judicial fight for their freedom. In their path stood the Spanish government and the President of the United States, Martin Van Buren, who to forward his re-election efforts fought to have the kidnapped Africans sent to Spain and executed for their revolt. Former President John Quincy Adams took up the legal cause for the Africans and on February 22, 1841, the Court ordered the Africans freed and returned to Africa. The Amistad victory was 19 years prior to the Civil War, 24 years prior to the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery and 123 years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned racial discrimination in public buildings.

We do not know how long it will take before the truth of the cause of life prevails in American law and culture. We do, however, know that this cause cannot prevail without our standing for truth. We invite you to join Life Issues Institute and Phill Kline in a journey to return the rule of law, reveal the truth about the abortion industry and restore a culture of life.

Phill Kline is now also a Visiting Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, Virginia. He resides in Amherst, Virginia with his wife Deborah and 17 year-old daughter Hillary.

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