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KCMH Radio Receives Grand Prize for Youth Outreach

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 2008

Life Issues Institute was searching for an innovative way to provide pro-life education to America’s young people. Printed brochures had become a relic of the past, replaced by the World Wide Web. As a result, Bradley Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues Institute, came up with the idea of Truth Unmasked, an interactive CD-ROM for computers.

The process took nearly a year to complete as he compiled research on how to most effectively communicate the pro-life message to the nation’s teens, college students and young adults. The data showed they were comfortable obtaining information through their computers, but strongly felt the information must be factual and trustworthy. This, as well as other information, provided a blueprint to develop a script which would give today’s youth a thorough education on abortion.

Truth Unmasked covers the topics of fetal development (complete with beautiful images), abortion statistics and techniques, the physical and psychological risks and, finally, links to the top websites designed exclusively for youth. Video clips, comprised of teens, introduce the CD-ROM and each individual segment. Graphics and music were designed to appeal to a younger audience, and each topic comes complete with documentation.

About 18 months ago, Life Issues Institute began to provide grants of large quantities of Truth Unmasked to individuals and organizations with access to youth. Our goal was to get Truth Unmasked into the hands of hundreds of thousands of young people. To encourage distribution, we asked for feedback and offered a grand prize to the organization providing the overall most effective distribution.

There was enthusiastic participation from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, 9 Canadian Provinces and various other countries, making it possible to reach our goal of the distribution of hundreds of thousands of pro-life educational CD-ROMs.

Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce the winner of the grand prize -KCMH Radio in Mountain Home, Arkansas. They won a laptop computer and a wall projector – both designed to be easily portable and accompanied by various pro-life educational presentations. This will enable them to expand their pro-life educational efforts. Bradley Mattes traveled to Mountain Home to personally present the grand prize to the winners. He said, “KCMH demonstrated creativity and true passion in their effort to educate the youth of their community. They stood out in the crowd, and I was very pleased to be able to present the prize to them with our sincere thanks.”

Judging the contest wasn’t easy. Many groups proved their zeal in reaching out to youth with a pro-life message. Some of the ideas were what you would expect. Truth Unmasked was given to: Bible classes, churches, youth pastors and youth groups. Churches of all faiths participated. Crisis pregnancy centers represented a good number of distribution points, which included them in abstinence programs in high schools. Right to life chapters covered fair booths, men’s conferences and state conventions, local libraries, college campuses and high school Bible clubs. Several groups promoted them on their websites. Teens gave them to fellow teens, and young adults shared them with coworkers. Sidewalk counselors even handed Truth Unmasked to women going in for abortions.

Some organizations came up with more novel approaches such as: homecoming parades, football games and even distributed them to golfers. They were passed out at a special event called a “Safe Spring Break.” Pro-lifers doing TV interviews offered them to viewers. Promotions were run on local cable TV shows and radio stations. Home schoolers got into the act, and even a business expo was on the recipient end of the CD-ROMs.

The response of America’s youth to Truth Unmasked has been overwhelmingly positive. They enjoy the user-friendly format, which allows them to study it in the privacy of their home at their own pace. It’s been used by youth to persuade their peers to be pro-life and has generated discussion on Facebook and YouTube. It’s also reinforced the pro-life positions of others.

Complimentary copies of Truth Unmasked are still available. [Call 513.729.3600 or email us] to request yours. We’ll send you as many as you can effectively put into the hands of youth. We’ll even cover the shipping. Life Issues Institute thanks everyone who has partnered with us in this life-saving educational effort to reach the next generation.

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