Can You Hear Their Pain?

Research shows that about eight percent of the fathers who lose a child to abortion suffer severe psychological effects. That’’s nearly 4 million walking wounded! Millions more suffer to lesser degrees. Most in the pro-life movement understand the importance of helping women who suffer from post-abortion stress. But have you considered the pain felt by the fathers? Do you know what the symptoms are and how to treat them?

Few pro-life leaders possess the knowledge needed to create awareness of the pain felt by post-abortive fathers. Further, they are not equipped to assist men who are suffering. That doesn’’t need to be the case any longer.

Life Issues Institute is pleased to make available “Can You Hear Their Pain? a PowerPoint-type presentation on men and abortion. We’’ve used more sophisticated software to make it extremely user-friendly, and it contains attractive graphics and images. More importantly, it will thoroughly educate your audience as to why men are affected by abortion, what the symptoms are and how best to treat them. The CD-ROM comes complete with both a secular and Christian version. In each case, a full script accompanies the presentation. You don’’t have to be an expert to educate others on the effect abortion has on the fathers of unborn babies. There is also information on available resources to help men on the path to hope and healing.

You can help make a difference in the lives of countless men who struggle with a past abortion decision. Many suffer in silence, thinking they’’re alone, feeling totally helpless and hopeless.

The first copy is $19.95. Phone 513.729.3600 or order through our online store.

[Editor’s note: price has been updated.]

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