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Why It’s So Important

ve8QAd   |   October 01, 2005

As you read this, the US Senate and America at large are debating the second vacancy on the US Supreme Court. Media attention on filling this crucial position will be intense. Even the Katrina hurricane coverage couldn’’t squelch the many hours news networks dedicated to the John Roberts hearings and votes. Expect an even more shrill debate with the O’’Connor vacancy.

Why? Because Sandra Day O’Connor was a pro-abortion justice. She voted to reaffirm Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion-on-demand and unleashed a modern-day holocaust on our nation. Since then, over 45 million babies have needlessly died for the sacred entitlement to so-called “reproductive rights.” In its wake, abortion has left millions of mothers and fathers in emotional turmoil and devastation. Only God knows the tally of chaotic fallout that has ensued since 1973—suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, promiscuity, abuse of women and children, and the list goes on. We’’d all be shaken to our core to fully realize the cost of human suffering abortion has wrought.

But why is the secular media so keenly intent on covering this Supreme Court story and trying to affect its outcome? Is keeping abortion legal throughout pregnancy that important to them? Well, yes and no. Legal abortion is certainly one of the mainstream media’s pet political issues. Pro-abortion Supreme Court justices would ensure that abortion-on-demand continues unabated.

However, the Supreme Court is the final authority on many social issues of monumental impact and importance on all of our lives. The Courts have advanced a liberal social agenda when elected legislative bodies have blocked it. Here’’s a brief sampling of what the future agenda holds for the Supreme Court. These don’’t all pertain to the life issues, but this short list will clearly demonstrate that the moral fabric of our society is at stake.

Partial-birth Abortion. The Eighth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a ban on this gruesome procedure, which kills babies during delivery, was unconstitutional. Justice O’’Connor had previously voted to strike down this humane ban. A pro-life replacement to O’’Connor would mean Partial-Birth Abortion could be stopped in America.

Parental Notification. The New Hampshire state legislature passed a law that requires a parent be notified before their minor daughter can undergo a surgical abortion. It didn’’t require permission, but only notification. The First US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this unconstitutional and an “undue burden” on a minor’s right to abortion (previous wording by Justice O’’Connor).

Physician-Assisted Suicide. Oregon legalized the use of federally controlled substances to be used for physician-assisted suicide. Those whose “quality of life” isn’’t up to par are allowed to kill themselves with the help of a physician. The Bush administration is challenging Oregon’’s law.

Pro-Life Picketing. The radical pro-abortion group NOW is trying to use racketeering laws to prevent peaceful pro-life picketers from exercising their first amendment rights. Lower courts have been reluctant to cooperate with two previous Supreme Court ruling in favor of the pro-lifers.

Other Social Issues. Some want to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance. In another case, some federally funded schools are protesting against the military’’s ability to exclude openly homosexual soldiers, so they won’’t let military recruiters have access to their campuses. In yet another, the Bush administration is challenging a church that wants to use hallucinogenic and potentially dangerous tea in its religious rituals.

Now imagine how many critical issues the Supreme Court will be facing in the next decade. The makeup of the Court will greatly affect your children and grandchildren for years to come.

How close are we to correcting Roe v. Wade? If we are successful in replacing Justice O’’Connor with a pro-life justice, we will still need one more to retire Roe to the ash heap of history where it belongs. Don’’t be fooled by pro-abortion activists and politicians that say this vacancy will tip the balance of power on the Court. We still need one more justice.

It’s also vitally important to realize that when Roe is ultimately corrected, it is far from the end of our battle to end abortion. A post-Roe society will simply place the authority of life or death over millions of unborn babies into the hands of state legislatures. Currently, only 7 states have laws on their books that will protect the unborn after Roe. They are Louisiana, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Further, this only represents 10% of the nation’’s population. Even after Roe, it is estimated one million babies will die from abortion every year.

Don’’t lose hope. This is a huge step in the right direction! It will create a political environment where grassroots pro-life advocates can make substantial gains in protecting innocent unborn life. Correcting Roe isn’t the final answer, but we can’’t save babies without it.

As you can see, so much is at stake. We must make sure solid, pro-life justices are seated on our nation’s highest court. Let your voice be heard! Contact your senators, tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and fellow church members. The pro-life community must engage in this process and work to influence the final outcome. Quite literally, millions of babies are counting on YOU!

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