Abortionist Flushes Babies Down Toilet


Flavious Thompson, 60, owner of the Pleasant Women’s Pavilion abortion mill in New Jersey, has been charged with flushing the bodies of babies and items saturated with blood from the abortions down his toilet. This comes only days after his receptionist, Liza Berdiel was charged with theft, forgery, and performing abortions without a medical license. Berdiel injected three women with abortion drugs while Thompson was gone or during non-business hours. She also stole prescription pads from Thompson and wrote illegal prescriptions. These three counts came to light after Thompson notified police that abortion drugs were missing. He told officials that he was worried that his receptionist was pocketing the money from the abortions. It was only then that the police issued a search warrant for the abortion mill and found the additional “waste” problems.

Investigators are now examining the Metedeconk River for any contamination derived from Thompson’s actions. He is being charged with illegal storage of medical waste and with violating the Clear Water Act, for dumping and disposing of babies’ bodies into the city’s sewer system. Thompson could be sentenced anywhere from three to five years in prison and be monetarily fined.

The detective on the case, Lawrence Doyle, stated, “During our investigation we found that medical waste material was being improperly disposed of down the sanitary sewer at that location. He also has a facility in Barnegat, but we have no suspicion at this time that any further illegal activity is going on at that location.” Doyle also stated that the police are still working the state Attorney General’s office to determine whether Thompson will be able to continue operating the abortion facility.

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