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Sex & Young America

ve8QAd   |   January 01, 2003

Today’’s youth are pummeled with a pro-sex message at every turn. Movies, music, the Internet, advertising and their peers regularly present an in-your-face message that sex is good for everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, and with no negative consequences.

Gone are the days of naive television viewing. Sadly, the innocence of the Brady Bunch is but a memory. In its place is programming that, years ago, would have made the Playboy Channel blush. Further, it is impossible for our youth to avoid. This sex-saturated society has resulted in more pregnancy and abortion for them.

Sex and young AmericaThe National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families has developed a good tool to help Generation Y deal with sexual situations and avoid a possible future abortion decision. Sex & Young America is an interactive discussion series aimed at equipping today’’s youth with ways to respond to the constant lure of sex, as well as ways to assist their peers who struggle with its effects.

Sex & Young America stands out because the kids featured deal with sex in a very frank and honest way. It is fast-paced and tailor-made to appeal to teenagers.

The series contains four videos. The one designed for parents will open their eyes to the reality of just how exposed and vulnerable their children are to the potential for sexual activity. Several teenagers frankly discuss their experiences and knowledge of sex. Parents may be shocked to learn how many youth actually define the term “virginity.” Teens on the video also tell parents how to communicate with them on the subject of sex.

There is a video exclusively for girls and another for boys where, in a discussion group, the opposite sex communicates to the other on the do’s and don’ts of personal relationships. Finally, there is a video for the group leaders who will take the teenagers through the discussion series workbook.

[Editor’s note: outdated contact information and links have been removed from this post.]

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