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Life Issues Institute Moves into New Headquarters

ve8QAd   |   January 01, 2002

On December 8, 2001, Life Issues Institute held an open house to celebrate its new international headquarters. The structure, built in 1905, was purchased in August of 2000. Construction workers then reinforced the building and tore out everything that wasn’t essential. We then hired an architect to redesign a floor plan to fit our needs. The entire staff is thrilled with the result! The following are pictures of our new building and the open house festivities.

StatueStatueA focal point is this life-sized bronze sitting in our entry. It depicts Christ nestling a baby in His arm while holding the hand of the woman who has aborted this child. There is an open space on the rock next to the female figure so that women who have experienced abortion can sit there and look into the forgiving face of their Savior. The bronze depicts our central theme, “Love Them Both” and is appropriately titled, “He Loves Them Both.”

Artist Beverly Paddleford.
Dr. Willke (right) with Beverly Paddleford, the artist of the bronze, and her husband, Monte.
Conference Room
The new conference room is already being used for meetings and gatherings of pro-life leaders.
Central stairway
A central stairway was installed beneath an 8’x 8′ skylight, which bathes the second floor in natural light.
Entrance and stairway.
A handsome stairway, reminiscent of the era of the building, greets visitors in the entry.
Dr. Willke in his office.
Dr. Willke at home in his new office.
Dr. Willke's office.
Dr. Willke’s office was designed and appointed for high-level meetings and media interviews.

stained-glass window

ChapelA cherished feature of our new building is the chapel. Staff and volunteers are encouraged to use it individually or collectively at anytime. The Cincinnati Archdiocese donated the pews and 150-year-old crucifix. Volunteer craftsmen retrofitted the pews and built the cabinet which lights the stained glass window designed and built specially for this room. The window is dedicated to the many nameless volunteers who work to protect innocent human life. The chapel has been appointed with several fine amenities to set it apart from the rest of the office building.

Don and Marianne Klekamp
Don and Marianne Klekamp cut the ribbon with Brad Mattes (left) and Dr. Willke looking on.

During the open house, the building was officially dedicated as the Donald P. and Marianne Klekamp Building. There is a special reason for this honor. The Klekamps, especially Don, were instrumental in founding Ohio Right to Life back in the early 70s. Over the years, their dedication and financial support to unborn babies has been instrumental in the success of pro-life efforts in Ohio, the US and around the world. This early activism started a close friendship between the Klekamps and Willkes that has endured for many years.

Bradley Mattes
Executive Director Bradley Mattes spearheaded the renovation process and finally enjoys his new office.








Fr. Pavone
Brad Mattes visits with Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who traveled from Staten Island for the event.
Guests enjoyed great food and fellowship during the open house. It was catered by local businesses, emphasizing a community event.
Don and Marianne Klekamp with Dr. and Mrs. Willke.
Don and Marianne Klekamp (left) with Dr. and Mrs. Willke.

Life Issues Institute would like to thank those that have donated materials and/or labor to assist our Building Campaign:

Abercrombie and Associates
Angert’s Appliance
Carpetland/Carpet One
Cincinnati Archdiocese
Gilkey Windows
Greiwe Interiors
Ken Hebeler
Hebeler Wood Working
Langenbrunner Masonry McCormick Equipment
Oakland Nursery
Bill Reuter and
Smith & Butterfield Furniture

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