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Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

ve8QAd   |   November 01, 2001

“Don’t call me fat. I’m a nutritional overachiever. I’m not old. I’m chronologically endowed.” These are semantics. People use them to put a positive spin on something that’s not. It makes things seem not so bad, even good.

Abortion is like that. Pro-abortion activists and the abortion industry have made semantics an art form. We’ve all heard them: “choice, termination, product of conception, fetus and anti-choice fanatics,” to name a few. They’ve even been known to invent false medical terminology like “pre-embryo.”

There is one that stands out among the others, and it has proven to be very effective. We know this because the abortion industry has most of the pro-life movement marching in lock and step with them. It seems as though its beginning was a carefully orchestrated event. It was touted en masse by the media and pro-abortion activists during the days that followed the tragic fatal shooting of David Gunn, a Florida abortionist.

In the aftermath of Mr. Gunn’s death, did you notice that the term “abortionist” became as scarce in the media as a pro-life African American member of Congress? It was almost nonexistent. Instead, the term has been supplanted by “abortion provider” or “abortion doctor.” Second only to “choice”, this has been the most effective twist of phraseology used by the abortion industry.

The word “abortionist” conjures up thoughts of back alley abortions, blood-soaked sheets and dying women. The title “abortionist” usually depicts in people’s minds what abortion is all about — an ugly and violent act that kills innocent unborn babies.

That’s why this word had to be “terminated” by those who worship at the altar of “choice.” The abortion industry desperately needed to create an aura of medical credibility associated with those who kill babies for a living.

“Cash Cow” would be an appropriate way to describe those who are responsible for raking in a cool one-half billion dollars annually. Yes, that’s billion with a “b.” However, if a pro-abortion activist would have suggested this term, I’m certain the Park Avenue consultants would have vetoed it for being incompatible with their service-for-women facade.

“Abortionist” has been a medically accurate and widely accepted title within the medical community and society as a whole. We don’t call a cardiologist a heart bypass provider. A dermatologist isn’t referred to as a skin care provider, and a proctologist isn’t a…well, you get the picture.

Tragically, a high number of pro-life advocates have bought into this pro-abortion propaganda. I’ve lost count of the number of times where I’ve seen unborn babies fall victim to semantics in pro-life publications, press releases and on-camera interviews. Every time we use the phrase “abortion provider,” we add a tiny morsel of credibility to the abortion industry, which desperately hungers for an acceptable place in society.

Another title we should never give to an abortionist is “doctor.” A physician is one who heals and nurtures life. An abortionist’s goal, in a spine-chilling contrast, is simply to kill. The result is bodies of innocent unborn children, as well as victimized, unsuspecting mothers who sometimes pay with their emotional health, physical health, future fertility or even their lives. Abortionists can’t be bothered with dead babies and bleeding and hurting women. They are too busy hauling briefcases of cash to the bank.

Now the abortion industry has discovered an added, lucrative way to line their pockets. In yet another despicable act of barbarianism, some abortionists sell the body parts of the babies they abort to research and pharmaceutical laboratories. It’s no wonder that society eschews these bottom feeders of the medical community. It is of paramount importance that the pro-life movement faithfully demonstrates to the public that the acts of abortionists are not worthy of credibility and respect.

Having said that, let me clearly and emphatically say that pro-lifers should never resort to violence in the name of our life-affirming movement. This is contrary to everything we stand for. We can successfully expose the abortion cash-for-carnage industry without resorting to violence. It’s already a tragedy that it’s happening inside the abortion clinics.

Pro-lifers have the awesome responsibility to speak for those too tiny to speak for themselves. We must always be diligent in examining everything we do, because there is too much at stake to be anything less than at our best. Babies’ lives and their parents’ well-being depend upon our words and actions.

Let’s make a solemn pledge that we will no longer fall victim to pro-abortion semantics. 

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