“I Was Inside”

Recently, the following aired on hundreds of radio stations across the nation as one of Dr. Willke’’s radio programs, “Life Issues.” We thought you’’d enjoy reading it.

Today, a touching letter. Let me read it. “In December 1977, an 18-year-old woman was faced with the choice of life or death. It began when she met a boy at a hometown IGA grocery store. He was a sacker and she was the checker—a typical small town romance and, for both of them, it was love at first sight.

“After their first month of dating, they spoke of marriage and how they would spend forever with one another. Neither had much money, but they had love, which is something money can’t buy.

“They also had a future. And, like many young people, they didn’t think about the consequences of sex. All of their plans were demolished when the young lady discovered she was pregnant. The boy was only 16, in high school; his only income was sacking groceries. The girl had no way of supporting a family, and they had planned to attend college. Their families couldn’t fund the baby’s future, either, so the only solution was an abortion. Friends of the family and co-workers raised enough money for the operation.

“To this day, she remembers the hour-and-a-half she spent in the abortion clinic. She and her boyfriend were at the counter, and the receptionist smiled as she took their money, treating her as she did all of the other teenagers. The couple waited an hour before the nurse took her into the room. She says the room was cold, and the clasp of the door is a sound that will forever haunt her. The boy says the time he spent in the waiting room seemed like an eternity.

“As each second passed, each of them contemplated their future, wondering what would happen to their relationship. Fifteen minutes passed. The doctor was running behind; he still had not visited her.

“Not being able to bear it any longer, the boyfriend broke the clinic’s rules and went into the girl’s examination room. He clutched her hand, cried and said, ‘We don’t have to do this. We can make it. I know we can.’ She cried, hugged him and said, ‘Thank you.’

“Just then, the doctor walked into the room, and the two had their arms wrapped around one another. The couple walked out of the clinic. Eight months later, I was born. Mom and dad could not tell you if they received a refund that day, but they can give you a long, 20-minute story on every one of my baby pictures.”

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