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Fertilized Eggs Don’t Implant

ve8QAd   |   February 01, 2001

Every time I see the phrase, “the fertilized egg then implants in the uterus,” I’m tempted to tear my hair out. I fully understand why pro-abortion people use this phraseology. But it is beyond my comprehension to understand why so many pro-life people repeat these words. I’m sure the pro-life people who do this mean well, but they must understand that they’re helping the pro-abortion movement when they continue to repeat this kind of biologic nonsense.

First, let’s review our physiology. Conception (fertilization) consists of the union of sperm and ovum. The penetration of the ovum by the sperm, the integration and finally the beginning of the first cell division encompasses approximately twenty-four hours. The medical name for this single cell stage is zygote. Then cell division occurs and, by the end of the first week, this tiny new human consists of several hundred cells. During that first week of life, this new human floats freely down the mother’s tube and, when one week old, give or take a day or two, this new living human implants within the nutrient lining of the womb.

Why does the pro-abortion industry continually speak of fertilized eggs implanting? They say it with something of a sneer. Whoever heard of a fertilized egg being a “full human”? The very words “fertilized egg” do not conjure up in anyone’s mind the full human being that this new biologic entity in fact is. Rest assured, semantically speaking, they know exactly what they are doing when they continue to speak of fertilized eggs. It’s much easier to kill, to obliterate, and to destroy a fertilized egg than a living human embryo. They will continue to use “fertilized egg.” We have to stop using it.

Understand what implants – not the single cell fertilized egg, but a blastocyst, a developing human that is several hundred cells at this stage. The fertilized egg does not implant. When it reaches the womb, it is not a single cell, and if it still was, it could not implant. Only a one-week-old living human embryo can implant.

What is the proper terminology for a pro-life person? The proper terminology should demonstrate and speak to what this new biologic entity is. The proper words are “living human embryo.” Let’s remember, it’s easier to kill a fertilized egg than a one-week-old living human embryo.

Some speak of pre-embryos, but this is just a politically correct bit of jargon whose sole purpose is to dehumanize this living human in his or her first week of life. A pre-embryo consists of several million eager sperm swimming after one ovum, but when one of them connects and fertilizes the ovum, this is no longer a pre-embryo; this is now an embryo. And after the first cell stage, the proper term to use is “embryo.” After fertilization, there is no such entity as a pre-embryo.

So let’s make a New Year’s resolution. Let’s, please God, have every pro-life person immediately quit talking about fertilized eggs implanting. This is a biologic impossibility and, in fact, it is rather subtle pro-abortion propaganda. Let’s use the proper word – “a one-week-old living human embryo.”

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