Stem Cell and Cloning Links

Meet a teacher, father and husband whose sight was restored by a breakthrough procedure and the physician who sees a bright future for helping others.


The Quiet Demise of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Michael Cook (June 4, 2013)

Stem Cell Comparision Chart
J.C. Willke, MD (updated 10/2008)

Selected Documentation: Advances in Adult Stem Cell Research

Adult vs. Embryonic Stem Cell Treatments

Umbilical Cord Blood Treatments

Adult Stem Cell Breakthroughs, Treatments and Cures

Researchers Closer To Helping Hearing-Impaired Using Stem Cells

I’m Pro-Life and Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Embryonic Versus Adult Stem Cells? It’s Really No Contest.

Organizations and Entities that Support Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

For more information about stem cell research, visit Stem Cell Research Facts.

Speech by President George W. Bush on cloning
April 10, 2002

For information about cloning, visit

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