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Breaking News: Alarming Evidence

ve8QAd   |   November 13, 2000

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Alarming Evidence

The timing of this just-released news story is ironic. I recently taped a TV episode in Washington, DC on forced abortion in China that airs next week. One of my guests, Reggie Littlejohn,is an attorney seeking asylum for the victims of China’s brutal one-child policy. She sent me a link to this 2-minute video. Please take a moment to watch.

A brave news reporter slipped unnoticed into a Chinese hospital to speak with a “detained” woman who was eight months pregnant. Her crime? Being pregnant and already having a child. Later, the reporter interviewed the woman’s husband who was waiting outside in a car. So terrified of retribution, the pregnant woman consented to being filmed only if her face wasn’t shown.

The video shows her with huge bruises on her arm. Her husband described what happened when she was captured. “They held her arms behind her back, pushed her head against the door, kicked her stomach.” The footage shows the jail cell where she was held as they killed her near-term unborn baby by lethal injection.

China’s trying to give the impression that they’ve eased up on their cruel one-child policy. This video is compelling evidence that’s not true. Thousands of women are literally being dragged into abortion mills, strapped down and forced to endure the horrors of an unwanted, late-term abortion-babies they desperately love and want. Forced sterilizations are also part of the ugly process. By its own admission, the Chinese Communist Party has reported killing more than 13 million babies each year-more than 35,000 abortions a day.

This woman’s fate isn’t unusual or rare. It was done in one of China’s most modern cities. Fines for having an unauthorized pregnancy can result in 10 times a person’s annual salary and most can’t afford to save their babies’ lives by paying them.

Tune in next week to our TV program, Facing Life Head-On, to learn more about China’s brutal population control program, including the painful story of one woman forced to endure 3 abortions. You can also watch the full episode online beginning Monday morning at

Just imagine how many women fall prey to China’s cruel population program. You can help protect them by sharing this news with others and speaking out against such horrors.

Sincerely for the women and their babies,

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