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July 4th Special Event

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During the past 34 years of working to protect America’s unborn babies, never have I been more proud of a pro-life effort. On the 4th of July I’m privileged to host a radio special that takes pride in our men and women who are serving, sacrificing and facing danger in distant places to ensure our freedom. We honor each one for their courage and give thanks for their selfless giving for our country. All the while, we interweave a message of protection for innocent human life—from fertilization to natural death. It’s called. . .

. . . a special half-hour radio program airing on Christian radio stations throughout the nation.

Hear their stories:

Nick Mattes, (my son) currently serving in Iraq

Chelsea Hamilton, Army Doctor, preparing to join the Airborne Medical Unit in Afghanistan

Daniel Ruleman, Combat Medic now in Iraq for a second deployment

Shiela Hammoor, mother of two sons in the military, one who served in Iraq.

I’ll also talk dad-to-dad with Daniel’s father, David, about the challenges of having a son in harm’s way. We make a collective, impassioned plea for listeners to pray for our soldiers, and pray for an end to abortion. Contact your local Christian radio station to find out when this program will be aired in your community.

After hearing this program, be prepared to be moved. Be prepared to love your country even more! Visit for more information on a seven-day commitment to pray for our soldiers and the protection of innocent human life from womb to tomb—particularly the unborn and vulnerable who are easy targets for euthanasia.

I also encourage you to post the names of soldiers and their families who need prayer on our new Facebook page:

Don’t miss being part of this exciting program and prayer effort for LIFE! Bradley Mattes Signature
Brad Mattes
Radio Host

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