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Women Hurt. You Can Help.

ve8QAd   |   January 01, 2000

Life Issues Institute is pleased to bring you a new brochure on Post-Abortion Syndrome in women called Women Hurt. –You Can Help. There are various brochures currently available on this subject. Most of them are good; some are excellent.

Dr. Willke’s associate, Brad Mattes, wrote an excellent brochure entitled Men Hurt Too. There’s no question that this broke new ground. It has been distributed internationally since being published and has inspired many others to mimic it. In fact, this brochure, along with other publications, has brought to the foreground a consciousness that there is a persuasive Post-Abortion Syndrome in many men. Men Hurt Too was an excellent and needed addition to our literature. But, considering what is available, is a companion piece for women warranted? Only if it’s different from all of the others.

This one is different. Yes, Women Hurt does explain, in clear, succinct language, the symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome in women. But what sets it apart is that it provides a readable, simple set of instructions – the method of helping such women.

This new brochure tells us that the answer to Post-Abortion Syndrome in women is not usually found at a physician’s or psychologist’s office, nor is it found in consultation with a clergyman. Dr. Willke, certainly a qualified consultant in this area, is quick to point out: “Let’s say you are a woman with Post-Abortion Syndrome and would come to my office. I recognize your problem and I know how to treat it, but I’m really quite inadequate in doing so. The reason is that I can only give you 15 or 30 minutes every one to two weeks. This is grossly inadequate. It can guide your treatment, but it cannot give you the treatment.”

Women Hurt outlines five separate steps that a layperson can follow to help women with Post-Abortion Syndrome:

  1. Stop the denial process and admit to being a part of killing your own offspring.
  2. Grieve.
  3. Ask for Divine forgiveness.
  4. Forgive others.
  5. Forgive yourself.

Each of these steps is explained in enough detail to convey to the average reader what is involved. It is emphasized that each step takes time. It is essential to have someone to share with, to cry with and to pray with. That person cannot be the professional above who simply cannot give that kind of time.

That person, however, might well be you. You, who know this woman, love her, who can, if you must, take the time to support her, stand by her side, encourage her and share her grief. You do not have to be a post-graduate-degreed professional to help this woman. You might not even have finished high school, but if you follow these simple steps and feel heart to heart with her, you can help her through this journey and help her to find peace of soul.

All of this is in one fairly brief pamphlet. Write the publisher for a complimentary copy and see for yourself. Very possibly, you’ll then want to put in an order and use them.

We now have a pair of effective tools to help with Post-Abortion Syndrome: –Women Hurt and Men Hurt Too. It’s very possible that you’ll find them both of real use to yourself and to others. For your complimentary copy of either brochure, contact us.

[Editor’s note: contact information in this post has been updated.]

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