An Attractive and Positive Way to Share Your View

Flags and banners displayed on the fronts of houses are a common sight in many of America’s neighborhoods. They are a popular way for homeowners to exhibit enthusiasm for a sports team or alma mater, commemorate a holiday, or even express a view.

With this in mind, Rex and Georgie Willcox thought it would be effective to have millions of homes displaying flags depicting support for unborn babies. As a result, they designed and produced a pro-life flag, which measures 27” x 42” and is printed in seven colors. The unborn child is surrounded by ribbons of circles of red, yellow, brown, black and white – hues that depict the various colors of the human race. The baby is nestled in a red heart, which symbolizes the heart of those who display the banner. The American flag reminds those who see the banner that life should be protected from conception until death.

Since production has been completed, the Willcoxes learned that the leaning-heart style they chose is called “The Weeping Heart.” It appeared on the pouches of ammunition powder carried by Colonial soldiers because of the lethal effect of the contents.

Rex and Georgie used a significant portion of their retirement nest egg to produce the flags. A nonprofit entity, Sacred Heart Ministries, was conceived to handle sales and distribution.

Those that have already requested the flags include: Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum, Senator John Ashcroft, R-MO, Rep. Henry Hyde, R-IL, and presidential candidate Gary Bauer.

You can order your flag for $12.95 ($4.25 for 25 or more) by contacting Sacred Heart Ministries, PO Box 5575, Longview, TX 75608. Phone (800) 884-8638. Website High quality T-shirts, with the same message front and back, are also available for $12.95 ($7.56 for 10 or more). All prices include shipping and handling. Sales on consignment are available for groups.


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