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Reaching Children with a Pro-Life Message

ve8QAd   |   January 01, 1999

Many pro-life organizations actively work to educate children regarding the issue of abortion. A seasoned pro-life educator knows that a different approach is needed when dealing with the young. A fundamental goal is to teach the basic truth of fetal development, stressing that they were very special people while still inside their mothers’ wombs.

Life Issues Institute would like to share with those of you who educate children, two proven effective tools. They have been used nationwide for children pre-school through primary grades.

The first is a brief 10-minute video by Dr. and Mrs. Willke entitled, How Babies Grow. It doesn’’t tell them how the baby got in or out of the mother. It merely describes in simple, familiar, pediatric language, how the baby grew while inside of her. With gentle, full-color pictures it teaches the miraculous humanity of the unborn child in a way that even toddlers can understand.

For instance, in showing the familiar picture of tiny feet, the dialogue is as follows: “When you were only 10 weeks old inside of your mother, you were so tiny you could have stood on your daddy’’s little fingernail, and yet your body was already so perfectly formed that you had fingerprints.”

The 10 minutes is repeated twice for a total of 30 minutes running length of video. This simplifies its use at fair booths, church events, etc. When used at a convention booth, it usually blocks the aisles, as parents stop to watch it with their children. The brief length generally holds their attention for the full story.

The cost is $24.95 and is available through Hayes Publishing Co., 6304 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45224 (513) 681-7559. E-mail It is also available in a slide set with an audiocassette for $15.00.

We’’d like to recommend another idea that can accompany the video as a tool to reach children. They are 3-inch, two-color stickers in the shape of a heart. The stickers include a picture of a mother and child with a message that reads Love Them Both. You can choose between a white or African American mother with her child. They are available from Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. Several pro-life groups have reported great success when making these stickers available to children. An added plus is that the kids wear the stickers home and share their new-found knowledge with their parents. A roll of 500 is only $25. Various quantities are available. Contact RTL of Cincinnati, 1802 W Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45239, (513) 522-0820.

If you’’re aware of other tools to reach children with the pro-life message, please share them with Life Issues Institute.


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