RU 486 Boycott Is Working

The boycott against Hoechst Marion Roussel regarding RU 486 is having an impact. In spite of their aggressive efforts, pro-abortion activists haven’t been able to make this drug available in the US. Even with an unlimited amount of money and the total support of the Clinton administration, no drug company wants to touch it. Further, the original owner, Hoechst, who controlled the manufacturer (Roussel Uclaf), continues to be boycotted with apparent success.

Whether this huge drug conglomerate will be stung enough to affect it remains to be seen. However, it appears that other major drug companies are witnessing the experience of Hoechst Marion Roussel, and don’t want to jeopardize their own financial well-being. According to a story by the Washington Post in mid-June, a European partner, pledged to manufacture RU 486 for distribution in the US, has backed out of the latest deal. Gedeon Richter, a large Hungarian pharmaceutical company, apparently signed a contract in 1995 with Danco Laboratories Ltd. (a Bahaman Corp.). Danco had been licensed to market RU 486 in the US by the pro-abortion, Rockefeller-supported Population Council. In February, Richter informed Danco that it was “terminating its contract and halting the manufacture of RU 486”. Danco, in turn, has now sued for breach of contract and is asking a court to require Richter to continue the project, having already paid them $500,000 from the US partners.

The suit states that Danco and the Population Council are “having great difficulty finding another manufacturer, and even if they do, the project is likely to be delayed three to five years.” (Wash. Post, 6/12/97). According to the Post, this has dealt “a potentially ruinous blow” to the effort to bring the drug to the public in the United States.

This latest court action follows previous lawsuits involving the production of RU 486. The Population Council created Advances in Health Technology (AHT) to handle RU 486. Joseph D. Pike received a sublicense from AHT to make and distribute the drug. It was learned later that Mr. Pike is both a convicted forger and disbarred lawyer currently serving 18 months’ probation on a two-year suspended prison sentence. One prospective investor, the Giant Group, also accused Pike of fraud and of planning to try to sell over 100% of the shares in the partnership. After this the Population Council gave the manufacturing contract to the Hungarian firm.

Two years have passed since the drug was scheduled to reach American soil. Further, this latest example of RU 486 providers turning on each other resembles an animal eating its young. Needless to say, pro-lifers are pleased with the results.

This new can of worms is certainly creating another delay. So whose fault is it? Gloria Feldt, head of Planned Parenthood, said, “Much of the blame falls on US pharmaceutical companies. They have refused to step forward and produce mifeprestone [RU 486]. They capitulated to economic and political pressures from a small, vocal minority who want to outlaw all abortion.” And who might that alleged minority be? It’s you who read this publication and all other pro-lifers in the US who have cooperated in this boycott. Obviously our efforts are paying off. As a result, tens of thousands of unborn babies may be saved every year that RU 486 is kept at bay. It’s imperative that we continue our efforts to boycott Hoechst Marion Roussel.

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