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On Growing Old

ve8QAd   |   July 01, 1997

Many of you are aware that Dr. Willke hosts a daily five-minute radio commentary on abortion and related issues. Life Issues is broadcast on hundreds of radio stations throughout the nation and in various English-speaking parts of the world.

Recently, Dr. Willke shared a thoughtful essay called A Meditation On Growing Older with his listeners. It was written by Professor Charles Horejsi of the University of Montana. We received a high volume of mail requesting copies, and thought we’’d share it with the readers of this publication. It’s particularly poignant today as society struggles with the issues of euthanasia.

“Why must we grow old? Why does not God allow us to remain young, energetic and healthy? What is served by the anxieties, pain and losses of growing old? God answers:

“Remember, I am a God of Love. My love keeps you in existence. Because of my love, I will not possess or control you. You are free to accept my love or look elsewhere for happiness.

“I will, however, constantly invite you to accept my love. These invitations will be written in the everyday events of your life.

“If you accept, you must learn how to love. And for this, you will need others and others will need you. Love can only exist in a relationship. It is not a solitary act.

“Your life on earth began with your birth and it will end with your death. It will consist of thousands of small births and deaths. Each small birth is a new beginning, an opportunity to start over again. Each small death is a loss, a separation that offers an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your choices and your way of life.

“If it were not for these constant changes, you would probably not learn about love, and you might mistake possessions, power and prestige for love.

“To most people in the first half of their life, I give a strong and active body so they may move about, go places, meet people and explore the world. In the second half of their life, I allow their bodies to weaken and their energy to diminish so they will slow down and explore the inner world of spirituality.

“In the first half of life, I give excellent vision and hearing so they will notice the people I have created, enjoy them. In the second half, I allow their capacity to see and hear to decrease so they learn that outward appearances and words are not the most important thing in life.

“In the first half of life, I give a quick mind and good memory so you can learn about the world, its people and creatures. Later I allow mental ability and memory to slip so people will re-evaluate their lives and decide what is really necessary for happiness.

“In the first half, I give a healthy body so they can experience freedom, independence and can choose their way of life. Later I allow aches, pains and illnesses so they may turn to others for assistance and perhaps find love in the relationships they previously took for granted.

“Most people are given a long life. Many use it to seek possessions and power. I have chosen to limit the length of human life so people will anticipate their death and not become absorbed in their own importance nor preoccupied with possessions.

“Perhaps now you can understand why you must grow old.”

Our thanks to Professor Horejsi. If you would like to know more about Dr. Willke’’s radio program, Life Issues, or if you would like to know how to get it on the air in your community, please contact our office.

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