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Norma McCorvey at Her Best

ve8QAd   |   June 01, 1996

You’ve likely heard of the transformation of Norma McCorvey. Norma was Jane Roe in the 1973 US Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs. Wade. Roe, along with its companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, resulted in abortion on demand during all nine months of pregnancy. Since that time over 30 million babies have died from abortion while millions of women and men have suffered the devastating physical and psychological aftermath of that procedure.
Recently Norma experienced a complete change of heart on abortion and converted to Christianity. Her social metamorphosis sent shock waves throughout the ranks of pro-abortion activists and the secular media.

A new video has just been released detailing the events leading up to her conversion. It’s called REVERSING ROE: The Norma McCorvey Story and is produced by Donehey & Associates.

While an abortion-rights activist, Norma’s public appearances were carefully scripted, sharply limiting her exposure by leaders of the pro-abortion movement. She was considered a “loose cannon” and a poor spokesperson in front of the media. According to McCorvey she was exploited by pro-abortion activists while being treated like a second-class citizen.

It is amazing to see the difference in Norma since her conversion. This is Norman McCorvey at her best. She is articulate, and her appealing what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality is unmistakably sincere. The video debuts her hidden talent as a poet. Her penned lyric describes the climactic moment she became pro-life. It was set to music and sung by Christian singer/songwriter Phil Keaggy, and is part of the video.

Dan Donehey, producer/director of the video, credits Norma’s physical transformation to her conversion to Christianity. “Norma’s face radiates that change,” he said.

The video takes viewers through the dramatic steps leading to her change of heart on abortion. You will witness the heartwarming chain of events that led her to Christianity. And you will be surprised by the ironic twist of events, revealed at the end of the film, that demonstrate how God truly does work in mysterious ways.

The 30-minute video is decidedly Christian and ideal for religious settings. However, it will also prove effective with other audiences. It packs a persuasive and powerful message.
The cost for a single copy is $24.95, which includes shipping. Quantity prices are also available. Orders can be placed by contacting Donehey & Associates, PO Box 236, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. Or phone (800) 371-3404.

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