Life Issues: March of Dimes Part 2

I have been sent a paper, it is the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation original article, Volume 26, No. 3, 1990. It is entitled, “Strategies in Genetic Counseling: Reproductive Genetics and New Technologies.” I had not been aware of this paper, but it is very relevant here. At this conference, a paper was given entitled, “Fetal Reduction and Selective Termination in Multi-Fetal Pregnancy.” The article describes in some detail the indications for selectively killing one or more developing babies inside the womb of a mother who has triplets or more. It states you can kill one of the babies inside of her, “to allow the birth of a healthy newborn without the birth of a coexisting fetus with a congenital abnormality.” Another indication is “to reduce a multiple pregnancy to a single pregnancy for social or personal indication.”

Another paper funded and published by the March of Dimes was titled, “Abortion Update.” This was written before Clinton was elected, and before the Casey Decision one year ago. It states, “The constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion has never seemed so precarious,” that “there is no substitution for a constitutional right to abortion which protects our fundamental rights.” It talks about Pennsylvania’s Pro-Life Bill. It states they can no longer see or depend upon the courts to be the guarantors of the right of reproductive choice. “We must fight for this right in other areas.”

There is a third paper called, “A Protocol for Genetic Counseling.” It discusses how to counsel a couple in the event they may carry a handicapped unborn. Its conclusion is, the counselor must “validate the parents reason for their decision, if they decide to terminate the pregnancy.” Then it states that after “the termination” her greatest need is to resolve the psychologic issues surrounding the crisis, and it goes on to discuss the role of counselor.

In summary this is a damning piece of evidence. The March of Dimes is still very much involved in at least the toleration of, if not the promotion of, elective abortion for handicapped children. No, I am not saying that they have paid for any abortions. To my knowledge they never have. I am saying they have set the stage so that abortions can be done. They are part of a “search and destroy” mission to discover handicapped babies who at their parents decision, are selectively killed.

As I detailed yesterday, all 3,000 Right to Life chapters in the U.S. have, for the last two decades, maintained a nationwide boycott against working for or giving money to the March of Dimes.

My advice to you is not to give money to the March of Dimes until they become 100% pro-life, until they get rid of this ugly portion of their activity that I have been calling “a little Auschwitz” on the side.

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