Video Special: Every Life Matters


“I’ve filmed interviews with four amazing individuals which have been edited into two amazing programs. Every Life Matters, The Truth about Down Syndrome is the theme of our annual Sanctity of Life Sunday half-hour radio special. We talk about legislation to protect unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. One of my guests is a Utah state legislator who authored a bill that was signed into law, And attorney Amanda Stirone shared her legal perspective.

But it was the real-life, human stories that touched my heart the most. Shauna Amick with Joni and Friends shared her initial fear and ultimate dependence on God after the birth of their daughter Sarah who has Down syndrome. And Katie Shaw, who has the condition, successfully lobbied to pass legislation in Indiana . . . I can’t wait to share their stories with you.”

“A Reason for Hope, The Truth about Down Syndrome” Video Special



People should accept people, I mean, it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not, everybody should be treated the same: with respect and dignity.

– Katie Shaw, advocate with Down syndrome

God is creating in you a beautiful miracle and you will not be able to understand that fully until that baby is born but to end that baby’s life is to rob yourself of all the gifts, the blessings and beauty that God wants to give you.

– Shauna Amick, Joni and Friends, mom to Sarah, born with Down syndrome.

God has placed on my heart a desire to protect individuals with Down syndrome. I’ve seen the love, joy and passion they bring to life. I have watched people fall in love with them. People enjoy being around them and it’s a deep abiding desire to educate the world that these individuals have so much to offer society.

– Brad Mattes, President of Life Issues Institute

My Baby Has a Disability: Life-Giving Questions and Answers

Your world has just been rocked with news that the baby you’re expecting has been diagnosed with a significant disability. Your hopes and plans are crumbling—and fears and questions are rising to take their place. Shauna Amick shares her story of having a child prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. In the midst of her enormous questions and fears, Shauna learned that God has a one-of-a-kind purpose for every child—each one uniquely formed in his image. Shauna invites you to dream new dreams for yourself and your precious child.

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Be Not Afraid

Looking for support after a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis? Be Not Afraid believes that every baby is a gift, and supports parents not only in advocating for basic care, but also in obtaining the treatment they deem appropriate for their child after birth no matter the diagnosis.

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To Parents of a Child with Down Syndrome: Don’t Be Afraid

A young couple was hugely excited about having their first baby. But when their child was diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome it turned their world upside down. They were terrified, horrified, and greatly saddened. They asked, “How can we handle a child like this?”

In an April Life Issues radio broadcast, Brad Mattes explained, “Nearly every expectant mother and father in the same shoes will experience some or all of these emotions—that is until they learn the truth about their baby’s future.” He encouraged parents and others to view an amazing video featuring children with Down syndrome speaking directly to their mother’s heart and declaring, “Don’t be afraid…”