The Faces of Roe: Women and Men Victimized by Abortion


The US Supreme Court will soon rule on the Dobbs late-term abortion case. The law in question would end abortion when an unborn child reaches the age of 15 weeks.

I want you to meet a mother and a father who were victimized by the abortion industry. Had this law been in effect where they live, their babies would be alive today and they spared from unspeakable anguish.

You’ll also meet a young woman with a deep and abiding passion to help women facing unexpected pregnancies. Her group is doing amazing things to assure women have the resources they need to say yes to LIFE.

Finally, I’ll introduce you to a former late-term abortionist who now advocates for the protection of all unborn children.

Collectively they share a compelling message that shines a light on the ugly truth about abortion and why the Supreme Court’s decision is so important.

As our special thank you for standing with America’s women and their babies, we’d like to offer you this ten-week feet pin, identical in size and shape to the feet of an unborn baby at just ten weeks. Please wear it every day as sign of your solidarity with those who are vulnerable to the abortion industry.

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Top 10 Ways You Can Help

1. Pray for an end to abortion and ask others to pray.

2. Share pro-life news, stories, images, blogs, and videos online via social media.

3. Educate yourself by subscribing to The Latest (weekly blog) and Life Issues (our daily brief radio commentaries). Each will keep you abreast of the latest happenings regarding abortion and related life issues. Perfect for sharing on social media

4. Encourage your member of the clergy to preach about abortion. Direct them to our Church Pro-Life Resources page.

5. Talk about the life issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and wear a Precious Feet pin every day to encourage discussion.

6. Pledge to vote only for pro-life candidates.

7. Contact your senators and representatives when legislation concerning life issues is before Congress. Also contact your local and state legislators.

8. Get training and volunteer to be a sidewalk counselor at an abortion facility.

9. Volunteer at a pregnancy help center. Find a center near you.

10. Support our pro-life efforts by making a one-time or monthly donation to a pro-life organization.

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The Faces of Roe: Women and Men Victimized by Abortion

We’ve put real faces on real people impacted by Roe v Wade. Our guests share some of tragic realities inflicted on Americans by abortion, including how many late-term abortions are actually done. We also share what pro-life Americans are doing to empower women to make life-affirming decisions for them and their babies.

Dr. Kathi Aultman is a retired OBGYN and is currently an Associate Scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute. She formerly performed second trimester abortions and her experiences led her to a pro-life position. She has testified extensively on a variety of pro-life issues before state and congressional bodies, and state courts.

Irene Zamorano-Archacki is the Silent No More Awareness Coordinator for Los Angeles County. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Vox Vitae, a pro-life organization with a mission to educate, empower, and spiritually nurture people to actively be a voice for life. Irene shares her late-term abortion testimony.

Elliott Cohn is the president and cofounder of Expectant Fathers Without Voices, focusing on the pain and helplessness men experience since they have no legal rights to protect their pre-born children. Elliott has experienced two late-term abortions performed against his will and now ministers to other grieving fathers.

Chaney Mullins Gooley is a proud pro-life advocate and the provider support manager for Her PLAN, the Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network. Her life passion is seeing families and relationships thrive. And she absolutely loves being a part of anything and everything that can help support women and families.

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I had my abortion at over twenty-four weeks. It was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Words cannot explain the trauma that my abortion has caused me.

Irene Zamorano Archacki, Mother of Aborted Baby

There is no easy out for a man who says ‘Well, I just don’t think I’m ready to become a father.’ You already are a father. The question you have to ask yourself now is do you want to be the father of a living child or a not living child?

Elliott Cohn, Father of Aborted Baby

It was a terrible shock to suddenly realize I was a mass murderer. Thankfully, we have a very gracious God who forgives. And I know I’m forgiven.

Former Late-Term Abortionist Kathi Aultman, MD

The prolife movement’s heart is to be there for women, not just at the moment of a pregnancy decision, but with medical care, transportation and social needs, to make sure the child is thriving and healthy.

Chaney Mullins Gooley, Program Director of HerPLAN



Her PLAN (Her Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network) facilitates collaboration between assistance providers and their communities to empower women and families through comprehensive medical, social, and material support.

Expectant Fathers Without Voices

We are here to help expectant fathers who have been silenced, and are hurting emotionally and psychologically due to the killing or proposed killing of their unborn children by working with attorneys, politicians, educators, and community leaders.

Silent No More Awareness

Silent No More Awareness seeks to raise public awareness about the emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of abortion through education, testimonies, and public witness. We also assist those seeking help and healing after an abortion.

Men and Abortion – Help for Grieving Fathers

A website exclusively for grieving fathers and those who want to help them.

How Many Are there?

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Types of Abortion & Their Risks to Women

Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former late-term abortionist and guest on this special radio program, walks you through the types of abortions available and their risks to the women’s health.

The Dreaded Complication

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