Life Issues Institute President Brad Mattes on VCYAmerica Radio

Life Issues Institute President Brad Mattes appeared for an hour October 17 on the nationally-broadcast VCYAmerica Crosstalk radio program with Jim Schneider. Mattes answered questions from Schneider and callers during the four segments.

Segment 1: Brad Mattes discussed Planned Parenthood’s origin in the Eugenics Movement, which sought to improve society by eliminating certain races and classes of people. He also talked about the economics of Planned Parenthood.


Segment 2: Mattes listed resources available through the Life Issues Institute, and Planned Parenthood’s stake in the current presidential campaign. Also mentioned were court attacks on the Pro-Life Movement and what individuals can do to protect life. Click to listen.

Segment 3:  Crosstalk callers asked about how aborted baby body parts are used and the issue of abortions performed in hospitals. Other topics included the abortion planks of the two major political parties’ platforms, abortion in the case of rape, vaccines made from the tissue of aborted babies, and abortifacient birth control and its link to breast cancer. Click to listen.

Segment 4: Questions from callers dealt with the Planned Parenthood videos, help for mothers and fathers after abortions, and the future of the Pro-Life Movement