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For many Americans, the argument for abortion often lands on the topic of rape—shouldn’t abortion be allowed in such difficult situations?

In this year’s all-new special programming created in conjunction with Sanctity of Life Sunday (and the annual March for Life in Washington DC), host Brad Mattes answers the concern with a powerful reminder of the value of every human life.

10 Reasons Why Abortion After Rape is Not Compassionate

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10 Reasons Why Abortion After Rape is Not Compassionate


Mark Roepke

When Mark’s mother was just 14 years old she was raped at a July 4th party. His mother bravely kept the child, choosing to place him for adoption into a loving Christian home. Years later, Mark is a strong defendant of life, speaking publicly at a DC rally and delivering a message so impactful it went viral with millions of people sharing his story. “The circumstances of my conception do not determine my worth as a human being.”

Ayala Isenberg

When Ayala was a child, she was repeatedly sexually abused for years. When she was 15 years old, she became pregnant through rape. Amazingly, despite the tragedy in conception, Ayala actually felt love for the child and fought to keep it. Sadly, she miscarried and lost her daughter. Now Ayala is a powerful advocate for life with a significant presence on social media where she vigorously defends the truth that every life is sacred.



National Hotlines

National sexual assault hotline: 


National domestic violence hotline: 


CareNet Pregnancy Center Locator

Care you can trust

Since 2008, we’ve served more than 2.8 million clients and 97% of those surveyed said they had a positive experience at their center.

Locations near you

With more than 1,100 affiliates across North America, chances are there’s a Care Net pregnancy center in your community ready and equipped to serve you.

Good Counsel Homes

Since 1985 we’ve helped more than 8,000 homeless women and children move from a crisis situation to receive concrete help and build a brighter future.

What started as an unexpected encounter between Chris Bell and a young, homeless mother in New York City, has grown into a group of maternity homes called Good Counsel.

Choice 4 Life

CHOICES4LIFE was established February 2011 by Juda Myers as a way to promote and restore honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception through assault and/or incest. We offer hands-on help both financially and emotionally for those who are affected in this way. A goal is to educate the world about the value of every human life conceived. We seek to raise awareness of the multitudes living in shame that isn’t their own from sexual abuse, while aiding those affected. God has a greater plan than shame.

Save The 1

Save The 1’s mission is to educate everyone on why all pre-born children should be protected by law and accepted by society, without exception and without compromise.

We strive to reveal the truth that there have been tens of thousands of mothers pregnant by rape and tens of thousands of rape-conceived children all around us,  and that there is help, support and hope for all in those unfortunate cases.

Bradley Mattes

About the Host

A veteran of the pro-life cause . . .
With over 48 years of significant contribution and recognition in the pro-life movement, Brad Mattes is widely known in the United States and worldwide for his passion for the preborn and is the co-founder and president of Life Issues Institute.

Since 2003 he has been the host of the daily radio commentary Life Issues, heard on over 1,300 radio outlets nationwide. He has also hosted a wide variety of half-hour radio specials on topics raging from men and abortion to the US Supreme Court.
Brad was also the host and executive producer of a weekly half-hour TV program Facing Life Head-On that ran for eight seasons garnering three Emmy Awards and other accolades.

His extensive media experience makes him an excellent choice to host this weekly program designed to cover breaking stories and impart foundational educational topics on the life issues.