Investigate Your Local Independent Pharmacy

The FDA in cooperation with the Biden administration is now allowing physicians to write prescriptions for the dangerous chemical abortion pills, and pharmacies will be permitted to fill them. RU 486 – also known as mifepristone – has no other purpose than killing an unborn baby, which makes doctors who write the prescriptions abortionists and pharmacies that sell the drug an arm of the abortion industry.

CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid have announced they will stock and sell these deadly pills. If you live in a state that does not restrict the accessibility of chemical abortion pills and use one of these mega chain pharmacies, investigate area independent pharmacies to determine if any refuse to stock RU 486. If one is located, please consider moving your prescriptions to that pharmacy.

Independent and standalone pharmacies are known for giving better, more customized service. One that shows respect for unborn children generally demonstrates better service, care, and concern for all its customers.

One pro-life pharmacist said, “We will not give these dangerous pills to unsuspecting women who take them on their own and may bleed to death. We also don’t want to be part of inflicting life-long regret in the minds of countless women.”

By transferring your prescriptions to an independent pro-life pharmacy, you will likely receive improved service, and most importantly, you will not support a business that is literally an arm of the abortion industry.

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