A Victory for the Babies: Target Boycott Ended

Sometimes the guys in the white hats win. For many years Dayton Hudson, the former parent company of Target stores, has given annual grants to Planned Parenthood of Minnesota. As a result, tens of thousands of pro-life families participated in a boycott of Target stores. Since that time, the name has been changed from Dayton Hudson to Target Corporation.

Human Life International (HLI), a pro-life organization headquartered in Virginia, purchased 240 shares of stock in Target Corporation. This gave them the legal right to present a shareholder resolution at the annual meeting of stockholders. The resolution was aimed at stopping Target Corporation’s continued funding of Planned Parenthood.

It worked, and we have a happy ending to report. Target Corporation sent a February 23 letter to HLI signed by Timothy R. Baer, Assistant General Counsel, stating, “It was a pleasure talking to you this morning about the current focus of Target Corporation’s charitable giving. As we discussed, that focus has changed and, as a result, we no longer provide any funding to Planned Parenthood.”

We are very pleased to announce that Target is no longer on the boycott list of corporations supporting Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s leading suppliers and promoters of abortion. This will come as good news to many pro-life families who enjoyed shopping at Target but have refrained on principle.

Our thanks go to Human Life International, Life Decisions International and the many pro-life individuals and families who boycotted Target stores. Your collective efforts have resulted in Target making this positive change in policy.

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