Twisted Scripture and Unexplained Ignorance

Bradley Mattes   |   January 19, 2023

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The bill requires that abortionists provide appropriate medical care to babies who survive late-term abortions. The law includes a punishment for abortionists who either allow the newborn infants to die or directly kill them.

Stop to think about this for a moment. It is a sickening human tragedy that this type of law would even need to be passed.

But what I have to share gets worse …

The legislation doesn’t ban abortion but simply requires that babies who survive abortions be given the same medical treatment as any other baby born at the same gestational age.

Only a ruthless barbarian would oppose such legislation. Tragically, Capitol Hill is crawling with them.

The bill passed by a near-total partisan vote. All the Republicans supported the bill except for three who didn’t vote, and all Democrats opposed the bill except for one lone member who backed the legislation.

Two Democrats stand out in their opposition to protecting newborn infants.

Rep. Hillary Scholten, a Democrat from Michigan described herself as a “pro-choice Christian” and said she looked to scripture to guide her. Scholten specifically cited Jeremiah 1:5 – “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” These were the words of God to Jeremiah and they apply to each and every person in the womb. God is saying each of us is so precious to him that he knew us and already had plans for our lives.

Rep. Hillary Scholten, from

Scholten grossly twists scripture to serve her own perverse political agenda. Instead of holding the lives of babies sacred, she calls the intentional killing of them both “sacred and personal.” Yes, she actually said that.

A person who claims to be Christian, understands the violent inhumanity of abortion, yet supports killing the babies is on extremely thin ice. A discerning Christian can hear the ice cracking beneath her feet. Christianity is not compatible with abortion.

Rep. Scholten’s pastor should have a sit-down conversation regarding the tenuous situation of her salvation.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, a Democrat from New York said that giving medical care to babies who survive late-term abortions “endangers some infants by stating that that infant must immediately be brought to the hospital.” He added that this requirement could “maybe endanger the life of an infant in certain circumstances.”

Nadler’s statement is absurd on its face!

He is saying don’t provide the newborn with medical care because the baby may die, so let’s allow the abortionist to kill the child by withholding life-saving treatment or directly taking the baby’s life.

It’s not likely that we can correct Nadler’s unexplained ignorance, but we can and should call out House Members who are on record supporting infanticide.

If they do this in the name of Christianity, we must stand up for both life and the faith.

Sixty-four members in the U.S. House of Representatives identify as Catholics but opposed this humanitarian law, apparently without disciplinary action from their church.

Opposing this legislation is a heinous and monstrous act, and it is a scandal if pastors from any denomination fail to address this grave error in their faith.

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6 thoughts on “Twisted Scripture and Unexplained Ignorance

  1. May God Himself help each baby scheduled to be aborted, receive him or her, rain guilt upon those who participate in that monstrosity, and graciously strengthen the commitment of those of us who know better because we know Him.

  2. When we are in our “reasoning mind” which can often find an excuse to act against the the knowledge of our Creator many have really missed Truth Big Time! Protection of every human life is our calling as every doctor being trained in medicine learned to “Do No Harm”. These recent attitudes has caused so much defiling of conscience and great repentance is needed that 9 Justices were ever allowed it to become the law of the land. The Dems have taken it to it’s most heinous, inhumane, unthinkable, level. There is NO Knowledge of God what so ever in this evil culture showing the ugly face of the destroyer of life.

  3. What you said at the first said it all: it’s a rotten shame that our country has anyone that thinks killing a newborn is okay! It sickens me that one claiming to be a Christian brings shame to the cause of Christ and of decency. God help us all when a whole leading political party is represented in our capital by people so evil. You can’t look at them any other way!

  4. Heavenly Father, please cause those who claim to be Christians in our government to repent of their evil laws which murder pre-born babies. God is judging
    America because we as a nation have turned from Him and one of the results is abortion on a huge scale. We as a nation need to repent and turn back to God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before it’s too late and we are destroyed like ancient Israel.

  5. I cannot fathom where Rep. Hillary Scholten gets her thoughts from Jeremiah 1:5. She isn’t a student of the bible in any sense of the word. I would speculate she has an aide to write up a speech for her to give from the floor of the House of Reps. Idiots.
    Also no one working in planned parenthood would ever turn in a doctor for not giving the baby life saving help. I’m sure they are of the same ilk as all Planned Parenthood employees. Killers.

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