They helped evil win

Bradley Mattes   |   March 11, 2021

The group calling themselves Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden made public an open letter regarding the new president, stating that they felt “used and betrayed” on how he has handled the abortion issue, particularly excluding the Hyde Amendment from the COVID-19 relief package.

Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden consists of a dozen-plus individuals, most with emeritus status, who say they hold leadership roles in the evangelical community.  Many Evangelicals and other people of faith may be forgiven if they challenge their claim of pro-life status considering the group’s support of the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history.

During the campaign, Biden’s staff asked for their support and they got it provided that once in office there would be dialogue with them on abortion. Now that Mr. Biden is in the White House, they haven’t heard from him.

Their statement in part read, “Many evangelicals and Catholics took risks to support Biden publicly. President Biden and Democrats need to honor their courage,”

The naivety of these educated individuals is astounding. During the campaign there were many obvious indicators that Joe Biden would wholeheartedly accommodate the bidding of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry.

Weren’t they listening to the candidate tout his extreme unbridled support for abortion throughout pregnancy? Specifically, that he no longer supported the Hyde Amendment. Mr. Biden sold his soul to the abortion industry.

It creates a feeling of uneasiness to think that these religious leaders may be shepherding souls in their respective church bodies.

In their open letter, Evangelicals for Biden claim they will not be relegated to a status of mere observers when it comes to the President’s actions. But in truth, they helped create a deadly environment for the unborn in Washington, DC.

We all had limited options to stop the unavoidable approaching train wreck that will claim the lives of millions of unborn children as a result of the deadly executive orders emanating from the Oval office and the COVID relief package that bails out the abortion industry.

These extreme pro-abortion policies not only kill innocent babies, but they also heap emotional grief and despair on many of the parents who misguidedly choose abortion.

The blood of America’s unborn babies is on the hands of these evangelical leaders. They cannot hide behind a cloak of ignorance because the choice was crystal clear.

The choice was between good and evil, and they helped evil win.

For the babies,

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17 thoughts on “They helped evil win

  1. We sometimes think that the poor and less fortunate are the most likely to be led by those who promise them the most. Making empty promises are from those who want your vote. There is no true connection between that and honest intent.

  2. Were they actually deceived or are they now deceiving? Biden has plenty of history that tells where his loyalty lies. It’s not rocket science. But now, facing criticism for their choice, they “feel betrayed.” Not buying it.

  3. Your statement summed it up perfectly!
    “The naivety of these educated individuals is astounding.” This administration is doing exactly what the candidates said they would do!! What part of all those statements they made was so hard to understand?

  4. Thank you dear Brad for again standing up speaking OUT for the unborn babies being killed in abortion. The blood of these precious little ones are on the hands of those that have not heeded God’s Word . May they repent in deep sorrow as we pray for their souls. They have no fear of our Mighty Lord God ..EVERY knee shall bow before Him. Thank you again and again. In His Grace, Ann Tolly

  5. I wonder who these unnamed “evangelical” individuals are.
    Bible truths define the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many will say in that day , Lord, Lord, we did many works in Thy Name ..He will say depart from me. I never knew you.(Matthew 7)
    Biden and his crowd hate God and have no shame or hesitation to lie steal or kill . Big underwriter is Planned Parenthood who have propelled both Biden and Harris and Pelosi. And now control many in every niche.
    Center for Medical Progress David Deleiden who exposes the barbaric practices now stands convicted and ‘cancelled. The real ProLife Christians must unite in this fight. Roman Catholics must face the faultlines of their religion. Does their catechism match the Bible? Catholics have too long infected the ProLife movement with their allegiance to their identity in their sect and not to Christ. There is only power to fight this in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Are we willing to die trying? No violence absolutely not but it will mean disenfranchisement if we take the defense of the unborn as what it is : the defining fight of our time.
    No hiding behind terms like Evangelical or Catholic.
    In Christ alone.

  6. Naivete descending into stupidity. Such “leaders” have completely destroyed any credibility they might once have enjoyed in the Christian community.

    They should hang their heads in utter shame until they develop some degree of spiritual discernment. And no one ought ever grant them any degree of “leadership” before that time.

  7. There are dissenting Catholics like Biden and Pelosi and Fr. Charles Curran who don’t live and promote the values/teachings found in Bible and CCC. The Catholic Church is not a sect. It is the Church Christ alone founded. Saint John Paul II gave us Theology of the Body. Saint Pope Paul VI gave us Humane Vitae. The church taught in its its official capacity of its rightful authority that contraception is evil. But when Pope Paul the VI gave us Humane Vitae, Americans rebelled againts it led by Fr. Charles Curran, a priest professor at Catholic University of America. Only one Dr. OB/GYN took Humane Vitae seriously, Dr. Thomas Hilgers who founded and now trains OB/GYNs at the Pope Paul the VII institute. So ashamed that so many priests were admitted to the priesthood who had no itention of living and teaching chastity. All Catholics and men of good will should read the CCC and Humane Vitae. Visit

  8. Many were negatively influnced by Trump’s bellicose personna and failed to recognize the positive accomplishments of his administration. The Trump agenda must be adhered to, but I question that Donald Trump should be the one to champion his own cause/agenda. In Trump’s defense, I wonder if a ruthless, bellicose style is the only way to “drain the swamp”. Hang in there, folks “We shall overcome”.

  9. Wow, I have a dear friend who several years ago, switched from Rep. to dem.
    Now, he is a little upset. No Wonder!! There must be changes in two years… to at least balance out the Senate.
    “God, thank you for your continued love for mankind. We pray that borderline believers will turn swiftly and completely to You.”

  10. The open letter is nothing more than an attempt to justify their evil by pleading spotless innocence in their purposeful trust in an avowed pro-abortion candidate. They are liars attempting to cover their selling of their souls to the father of lies.

  11. I hope the organization, pro-life evangelicals for Biden all repent to the Lord for allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes. Thank you Brad for all you do by keeping us informed. God Bless!

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