Sticks and Stones…

Bradley Mattes   |   August 18, 2022

The national media and pro-abortion politicians have never been a friend to unborn babies and think less of those who advocate for their protection.

With the demise of Roe v Wade, our critics have gotten more aggressive and less tactful in describing us and what we do.

Because pro-abortion advocates can’t construct a convincing argument, they default to attacking the pro-life messengers.

Some say it began in earnest after Hillary Clinton declared that Trump supporters were “deplorables.”

New York governor Kathy Hochul, during a diatribe on the reversal of Roe, referred to us in even less complimentary terms. Stating that the right to unrestrained abortion is paramount to other basic American rights, she added, “Except in the eyes of some Neanderthals who say women are not entitled to those rights.”

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, the pro-life movement has faced an unprecedented wave of violence. The domestic terrorism includes attempted murders of a Supreme Court Justice and policeman, fire bombings, vandalism, and threats against many lives. Even so, an Associated Press video painted the abortion industry as the victims. A tweet promoting their video read, “harassment and violence have become common outside abortion clinics.” The violence referred to was from 3-4 decades earlier, not representative of the pro-life movement and soundly condemned by it.

Madison, WI prolife center firebombed

Adding fiction to untruth, AP called the widespread violence against pro-lifers “historically rare.” When the video depicted violence against abortion centers, they deceitfully included a firebombed office of a pro-life organization in Madison, Wisconsin.  

MSNBC host Joy Reid’s guest, Frank Schaeffer demonstrated no restraint in attacking pro-life Texas state legislators who passed the Texas Heartbeat Act. They were “bio-terrorists,” and repeatedly referred to as “American Taliban.”

Former CBS anchor Dan Rather got significant pushback for a tweet comparing pro-life legislators in Texas to the Taliban.

Pro-abortion Democrat Congressman Hakeem Jeffries piled on stating, “The threat right now in this country, to the American people, are extreme MAGA Republicans. Why? They are extreme on reproductive freedom.” (aka abortion on demand)

Tiffany Cross hosts a MSNBC show called The Cross Connection. Before her panel of pro-abortion activists weighed in Cross began the segment by categorizing Life Issues Institute’s research showing Planned Parenthood targets women of color as a “ridiculous claim.” Cross and her guests went on to label pro-lifers “terrorists” and “Christian extremists.”

On another program Cross declared pro-life advocates were “crazy yahoos.” She inferred Supreme Court Justice Amy Cooney Barrett is a woman hater and called her an “actual handmaid” (a female servant). It must gall Cross and her fraternity of haters that Justice Barrett is the mother of seven, adoptive parent of two children from Haiti and sits on our nation’s highest court.

Abortionist, Leah Torres was given airtime on a program hosted by Ali Velshi to say that those who reject abortion as healthcare believe the earth is flat. Robin Marty, her associate at the Alabama abortion center asserted with no evidence that pro-lifers were next out to ban birth control. Together, the panel of abortionists and activists declared pro-lifers are racist, transphobic and out to criminalize miscarriage.

All this fearmongering and lies must be exhausting.

There’s a childhood saying, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Recent history has shown that the radical Left have thrown in some sticks and stones along the way. The frustration of those losing the battle over the right of unrestrained abortion is showing. Like impertinent children, they are using words intended to be harmful.

What they fail to realize is we pro-lifers have developed very thick skin and consider it a badge of honor if we’ve compelled someone to think deeply about abortion.

Thick-skinned and passionate about saving the babies,

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