Protect Yourself in Dangerous Medical Environments

Bradley Mattes   |   August 04, 2022

While Americans were unaware of what was happening, elements of the medical community and its allies successfully stripped patients and their families of the right to direct life-saving treatment.

This may seem to be a wild accusation, nevertheless it is true.

This is not an indictment of the entire medical community. There are good hospitals and medical professionals who value human life from fertilization to natural death. An example is featured below.

Bobby Schindler, president of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network recently wrote that there is a “new silent killer” among us, doctors and hospitals that aren’t pro-life, neither do they ascribe to biblical truths regarding the sanctity of innocent human life.

That reality is now reflected in legislation that has legalized the withdrawal of food and water from patients in all 50 states. There are times when withholding nutrition and hydration is in the interests of a patient but is not the cause of death. However, under current laws patients are routinely forced to legally endure an excruciating death by dehydration and starvation.

Who or what has been behind this stealth-like strategy? It may surprise you that the culprits are doctors and hospitals where many have placed their trust.

As early as 1986 (updated 1992) the American Medical Association, Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs went on record labeling food and water as medical treatment and not basic human care. They stated, “life-prolonging medical treatment includes medication and artificially or technologically supplied respiration, nutrition or hydration.”

Sometimes death occurs when physicians mistakenly believe the initials MD stand for Medical Deity. Sheryl and Scott Crosier’s son, Simon was born with Trisomy 18. Sheryl had to fight with the medical staff who “shut off his heart monitors, refused to give him breathing treatments, and [she] begged [them]to give Simon breast milk.” The Crosiers later discovered that their son’s medical care was limited because a physician placed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) in his chart without their knowledge or permission.

Futile care theory has also permeated the medical landscape of America. When in force, it gives doctors, hospitals, or ethics committees the right to discontinue life-saving treatment, even if it is against the wishes of the patient or family members.

Ryan Nguyen was born very prematurely and needed dialysis. But soon after doctors deemed the treatment futile and moved to end care. His parents’ attorney got a temporary court order and doctors and hospital administrators retaliated by reporting the parents to child protective services, accusing them of “physical abuse” and “physical neglect.” When that didn’t work they took the parents to court, claiming Ryan had “no chance of surviving.” Ryan was moved to another hospital where a doctor’s efforts enabled the child to live for over four years.

The pandemic served as cover for unethical decisions to undermine the rights of patients. New York state officials instructed EMTs to make no effort to revive anyone on the scene without a pulse. Thankfully EMTs ignored the directive and officials were forced to rescind the policy. In other nationwide cases, patients were denied life-saving treatments because of quality of life. Due to existing COVID policies denying access by family members to their loved ones, there was no accountability for these lethal healthcare decisions.

A group of five major Catholic organizations is taking action to counter the deficits in medical ethics that have infiltrated much of modern medicine. In January 2022 they launched the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance (CHCLA).

CHCLA’s view on the sanctity of human life is posted on their website. “Health care professionals have a unique vocation to be guardians of life from fertilization until natural death… The respect for the sanctity of human life must characterize all aspects of Catholic health care. The CHCLA will help health care systems implement policies and procedures that are expressions of Catholic and life-affirming values. CHCLA sees this as a unique opportunity for Catholic health care to lead the way in building a culture of life.”

Catholic or not, in this age of patient beware, it is highly comforting for patients to know that their lives will be respected and protected by these medical professionals and institutions.

Terri’s Network stresses the need to appoint a trusted and forceful person as a legal medical durable power of attorney. This is someone who will make medical decisions if you are unable to make them yourself.

The erosion of medical ethical standards affects everyone and places us in harm’s way. Therefore, it is essential that we take the crucial steps necessary to protect ourselves and those we love. Please visit Terri’s Network for more information and resources.

Brad Mattes serves as Chairman of the Board of the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network.

Protecting innocent human life,

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4 thoughts on “Protect Yourself in Dangerous Medical Environments

  1. Thanking you once again dear Brad for standing up and giving the TRUTH. People NEED to have their eyes open wherever they are and stand up and be advocates for those they love. One thing for certain , “those” that practice this way may THINK they are getting away with it, but our Lord God SEES and KNOWS and as He has always said “Vengence is MINE says the Lord!” That always gives me comfort that He IS watching over His children , HIS creations!! I will share this. It can be a tiresome job which you do with direction and joy. Thank you again for standing up for those who have no voice (the unborn, those born and the aged). You are highly respected and loved. Ann Tolly

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