Planning a Court Coup

Bradley Mattes   |   October 07, 2021

Pro-abortion members of the US Senate are livid that a majority of the US Supreme Court justices now adhere to a strict constructionist philosophy, meaning they interpret the constitution, not legislate from the bench.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the new Court majority agree with the fabrication of a constitutional right to abortion until birth. And therein lies the rub, the far Left’s desire to pack the Supreme Court to protect abortion on demand.

They want to increase the US Supreme Court from nine justices to 13 and fill the additional vacancies with hard Left pro-abortion judges, thus obliterating the current pro-life majority.

This attempted Court Coup is another case of history repeating itself.

Political cartoon from 1937 FDR historical documents

President Franklin Roosevelt attempted to pack the US Supreme Court in 1937 to advance his political agenda but it was met with widespread opposition, largely from his own party.

Taking a more cautious approach, Joe Biden created a 36-member bipartisan commission to study the possibility of rigging the US Supreme Court. Liberals outnumber conservatives on this commission by three to one, so the outcome will be a foregone conclusion.

While the opposition to Roosevelt’s attempted Court Coup was swift and united, Mr. Biden has vociferous cheerleaders in the US House and Senate egging him on and have introduced legislation advancing Court expansion.

But they may be spitting in the wind.

Some of the nation’s most liberal icons are on record opposing the idea of packing the Court.

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Nine seems to be a good number, and it’s been that way for a long time.” She added, “I think that was a bad idea when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to pack the court. If anything would make the court look partisan, it would be that — one side saying, ‘When we’re in power, we’re going to enlarge the number of judges, so we would have more people who would vote the way we want them to.’”

Lawrence Tribe, an outspoken liberal cautioned his political comrades. “Obviously partisan Court-expansion to negate the votes of justices whose views a party detests and whose legitimacy the party doubts could trigger a tit-for-tat spiral that would endanger the Supreme Court’s vital role in stabilizing the national political and legal system.”

Justice Stephen Breyer

Current Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal, said in a speech at Harvard law School, “It is wrong to think of the Court as another political institution. And it is doubly wrong to think of its members as junior league politicians. Structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence can only feed that perception, further eroding that trust.”

And there is a growing list of Democrat Senators who’ve come out against packing the Court: Brian Schatz (HI), Michael Bennet (CO), Mark Kelly (AZ), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Joe Manchin (WV), Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), Tim Kaine (VA), and one Independent, Angus King (ME).

Recent history should be another deterrent, but evidence demonstrates that Progressives aren’t known for looking to past lessons when governing for the future.

They wouldn’t have to look far into history for an example of how court packing led to ruin in Venezuela. In 2004 President Hugo Chavez packed his nation’s highest court. It resulted in the independent judiciary becoming a political arm for dictatorial socialism.

There is no room in our republic for an “end justifies the means” style governing. Packing the US Supreme Court would be disastrous because it would make our judicial branch of government a political extension of the executive and legislative branches.

Defending Freedom. Defending LIFE,

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3 thoughts on “Planning a Court Coup

  1. Great paper on the nefarious irrational and hurtful process of attempting once again to pack the supreme court your example of Venezuela is a salient and stunning and convincing example of the destruction that ensues from this kind of policy and implementation I have faith still in Americans that they would not allow this as you put it well the end justifies the means style of governing though there are many on the left who are pushing this tenaciously at the moment I think we shall overcome this and more and more people are understanding the value of life and that it starts at conception what else could it be guys come on use your logic use your intellect and engage your heart and conscience as this has become a Holocaust in America in my judgment consonant with the Holocaust in Germany during world war II and other tragedies when power and selfishness override any values of compassion hope and logic we need to save our babies as you would put it here in this paper from home to tomb I know that more and more people are finally coming to this conclusion which is logical healthy and helpful thank you for all you are doing at the institute you are amazing you are accomplishing much great work and you are representing the values of I believe the majority of Americans in a rule of law are constitutional republic and the value of protecting children and life from womb to tomb thank you so very very much peace and prayers out to you all keep up the good work I know you will do that marvelously well and effectively

  2. Packing the Court is yet another “progressive” scheme to turn the USA into a dictatorial socialist paradise like Venezuela. So far every one of Biden’s schemes has failed and his approval is falling like a stone as his incompetence becomes more and more obvious. The public did not vote for Bernie Sanders as de facto president but that is what we have now.

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