Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat

Bradley Mattes   |   April 08, 2021

Experience has shown that the volume with which abortion activists complain is an accurate indicator of the effectiveness of our efforts.

The frenzied reaction to Georgia’s fair election legislation should be instructive for all Americans.

Georgia’s bill is just the tip of the spear, but a major battle looms ahead.

Without fair and transparent elections, our efforts to advance legislation to reverse Roe v Wade would be a futile effort.

The Georgia law SB 202 makes a full-court assault on voter fraud, and our opponents are livid.

Adversaries, including President Biden, have flatly lied about what the law does, claiming it’s racist. Biden actually stated SB 202 is “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” calling it “un-American” and “sick.” The Washington Post publicly called him out, stating his accusation wasn’t true—awarding him four Pinocchios—but that hasn’t stopped the President or his administration from repeating the falsehoods.

Here’s some of what SB 202 actually does:

  • Ballot applications can only be mailed to voters who request them (as opposed to simply sending every registered voter a ballot application)
  • Require a photo ID verification for absentee voting.
  • Provide absentee ballots to all qualified voters who request them, but ends mass mailings of absentee ballots or request forms.
  • Verify the accuracy of voter registration lists.
  • End private funding of election officials and government agencies, by far-Left individuals or corporations like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
  • Provide complete access to the election process for election observers.

The law does not disenfranchise voters, but instead facilitates easier voting while making it harder to cheat.

In direct contrast is the Democrat-sponsored legislation called For the People Act, nicknamed “Corrupt Politicians Act” by many of its critics. Substantial criticism springs from state-level election officials (many of them Democrats) some who are not shy to express their expletive-laced objections.

The bill would:

  • Force a dangerous federal takeover of our elections, authority that has been given to states by the constitution.
  • Void laws in 36 states requiring voters to present ID
  • Render null and void any other laws developed over decades to enfranchise voters.
  • Create a system that would force states to register illegal aliens.
  • Establish unverifiable forms of absentee voting.
  • Eliminate key safeguards.
  • Force taxpayers to fund a New York City-style campaign system.
  • Create an environment allowing con artists to cast multiple fraudulent votes.
  • Allow ballot trafficking, that is collecting ballots and depositing them in drop-off locations with little accountability.

According to West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, the bill would disenfranchise voters in 31 states. Those impacted include voters in the military or overseas, those with disabilities, hospitalized voters, or voters fleeing a natural disaster.

Should the Democrats prevail, beltway experts say it would have a devastating impact on fair and open elections that would undermine the American voting system.

Protecting our liberties to defend LIFE,

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5 thoughts on “Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat

  1. Thank you so much for outlining what this “People Act”is all about. “Ballot Trafficking” and removing voter ID does not make sense. We need to show ID to go on an airplane but not to vote? Will share this with others.

    Pro Life of WNY

  2. Gray paper and analysis thank you so much for all you do in terms of your research your values your logic and critical thinking and proposals to put things in perspective tell the truth and a fight back against all forms of violence not only with guns but murdering our children in the womb and using inappropriate illogical interventions on children who are confused about their identity we can do so much better the research is solid in the clinical field on this matter clinicians need to speak out with assertiveness clarity encourage on these issues to I am trying to advocate for that within my profession receiving some push back but also making some advances to with good reasoning appropriate appeals to the heart and with compassion and passion for clinical social work for real social and economic justice and for constitutional Christian judeo principles thank you again for analyzing all this for us so well you all are in our prayers hearts and minds as we remain assertive against the violence and deception and lying of the left that has become so pervasive peace

  3. Thank you. I agree with Bob Wiss (above)…very lucid explanation of an important issue and clarifying commentary re. the possible National fallout.

  4. Very grateful to receive east to read, up to date info on current legislative processes that impact American liberties and freedom! Appreciate the good work of Life Issues Institute!

  5. Thank you, Bradley, for always putting things into perspective and revealing the truth in these difficult times. There are so many lies, it’s good to come to Life Issues Institute and find out what is really going on. God bless and help LII in this vital work for the preborn and their mothers.

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