Division in the Ranks

Bradley Mattes   |   August 15, 2019

These are exciting times to be in the pro-life movement. Never since Roe v Wade have we seen such promise and unprecedented momentum advancing the cause for life.

This has not gone unnoticed by the advocates of abortion on demand who are scrambling to blunt pro-life successes.

Recent evidence shows disunity among the nation’s largest and most vocal pro-abortion organizations regarding the best way to reverse this pro-life juggernaut.

An internal email from NARAL, one of the leading pro-abortion organizations, exposed a deputy field director instructing field staff and volunteers to avoid words or phrases NARAL feels would not appeal to mainstream Americans.

Citing their recent polling and focus groups, the commonly used phrases that have fallen out of favor include:

      • Abortion is healthcare
      • Abortion should be/is safe and legal
      • Abortion rights are human rights

Additional information surfaced in a VICE article that has added fuel to the fire.

Avalanche Strategy, NARAL’s pollster, pinpointed a segment of Americans they refer to as “freedom first” voters with similar characteristics of what we’ve referred to as “persuadables.” They are less committed on the issue of abortion and may be persuaded one way or another. These voters, NARAL says, are more likely to view abortion as an attack on their personal freedom. As a result, “reproductive freedom” will replace phrases like “reproductive rights” and “abortion access.”

The group has experienced some pushback from their pro-abortion colleagues. Division in the ranks regarding NARAL’s new approach is encouraging. It indicates a level of disarray regarding a messaging strategy to sell abortion.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities and the most aggressive lobbying force on both the state and federal levels, told VICE they would stick with their “abortion is healthcare” campaign.

Amelia Bonow, cofounder of Shout Your Abortion, believes anything short of a full-throated endorsement of abortion throughout pregnancy is a betrayal to women and the cause. Bonow believes Planned Parenthood’s claim (albeit false) that abortion makes up only three percent of their overall services is “capitulation to the other side.”

Monica Simpson, director of SisterSong, when interviewed for the article, expressed skepticism for “large mainstream organizations to be the sole architects of the message, and then pass that down to other people.”

Disagreement among abortion advocates aids our efforts to end the scourge of abortion. I pray it will thwart their attempt of maintaining a false façade for the abortion industry to hide the truth of what they are guilty of – the mass extermination of our most vulnerable and loved citizens, unborn children.

Defending the babies,

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