Deception with Devastating Consequences

Bradley Mattes   |   October 21, 2022

The mantra of the pro-abortion movement during the 1970’s and 80’s was couched in tripe slogans like “It’s not a baby” and “It’s just a mass of tissue.” But the introduction of ultrasound – widely used during pregnancy – exposed them as lies.

As a result, the abortion industry and their allies were forced to abandon their denial of the baby’s humanity and rely on the constant drumbeat of “Who decides?” But in time, that too proved ineffective as modern science and a public discussion on partial-birth abortion focused the nation’s attention on the baby in the abortion debate.

As if to come full circle, pro-abortion activists are once again trying to take women back to the false propaganda that it’s not a baby.

A website called the MYA Network is the work of three abortionists. Joan Fleischman, one of the abortionists, introduces the website with a brief video.

Fleischman shows petri dishes containing what she describes as pregnancies at five, six, seven, eight and nine weeks gestation. Gazing into the video camera with a smile on her face, she says, “There is still no visible embryo.”

That’s because – according to Dr. Christian Francis, an OB-GYN – they literally removed the tiny developing babies so that viewers would only see tissue. Choosing her words carefully, Fleischman attempts to deceive women who desperately don’t want to be pregnant but may be struggling with killing their unborn children.

The abortionist says, “This image shows the gestational sac of a nine-week pregnancy.” Technically she didn’t lie because the gestation sac is present in the image, only without the unborn, child who has been purged from the image.

Fleishman dispenses flat-earth science when it comes to legislation protecting babies once a heartbeat can be detected in a doctor’s office. She states it is not a heartbeat but instead “reflects electrical activity of cells before a heart organ is formed.”

This is patently false information. Medical science has firmly established that the embryonic heart starts beating 22 days post-fertilization and a four-chamber heart has developed at six weeks.

It is true that a picture says a thousand words. It is also true that images are remembered far beyond the spoken word. So, here’s a medically scientific comparison between the false images and those of real fetal development.

While MYA Network images may bring false comfort to a woman as she struggles to come to terms with aborting her baby, it is a cruel deception with devastating implications.

During an eventual wanted pregnancy, she will be exposed to the truth. She will listen to the heartbeat of her baby and see the pulsing heart on an ultrasound screen. Then it will sink in that she had been lied to and victimized by an abortion industry that was only interested in the benefits her credit card could offer.

The website’s true purpose is to channel women toward appointments at abortion facilities and sell chemical abortion pills to them in states where it is illegal.

After a woman realizes it was a baby she aborted and the guilt and shame sets in, it won’t be the abortionist who helps pick up the pieces of her shattered life. It will be compassionate and loving pro-life staff and volunteers who will walk with her through the valley of abortion healing.

The women we reach now with pro-life education are less vulnerable to being deceived into having an abortion. Help us equip them with the truth now before it’s too late for them and their babies.

Protecting women and their babies,

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5 thoughts on “Deception with Devastating Consequences

  1. These comparison photos of true and false images of babies in-utero need to be all over social media! Thanks for your work, Brad!

  2. Thanks so much for this. It is horrible that young women are fed this crap at a time when they are emotional, grasping at straws for answers, and likely unable to do the work of checking to see if what they are told is true. It is horrifying to think that someone would do this. Shame on them.

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