Abortion-Free COVID19 Vaccines

Bradley Mattes   |   May 07, 2020

The onset of COVID19 quickly motivated researchers to begin developing vaccines to protect against this sometimes-deadly virus.

Several vaccines for a variety of today’s diseases and conditions have a dark history unknown by many who depend upon them.  They were developed using cell lines made from electively aborted babies.

Sadly, that reality continues with some coronavirus vaccines being developed. The good news, however, is there are many more vaccines under development that do not use cells of aborted babies than those that do.

Respected researchers James L. Sherley, MD, PhD and David A. Prentice, PhD have analyzed the vaccines in question and provided us with a list of ethical and unethical COVID19 vaccines.

Here is a snapshot of the current status of COVID19 vaccines:

√   115 identified vaccines are in development
√   At least 78 of them are actively under way
√   Many are only at the laboratory investigation stage
√   They represent numerous biological strategies being investigated
√   16 are in registered clinical trials or in an early pre-clinical trial stage

This and much more information is available in a research paper authored by Drs. Sherley and Prentice.

A vaccine exposes our immune systems to a protein or other parts of a virus, essentially previewing a danger for our immune cells so that they are educated and prepared to fight off the actual virus, for example with pre-made antibodies, should we become infected.  Some vaccines are made by using a genetically modified version of the virus which is safe because it cannot reproduce itself. But since viruses only reproduce within cells and they have to reproduce huge amounts of the modified virus to make large doses of vaccine, they must grow the virus in a laboratory-cultured cell line to facilitate mass replication.

Unfortunately, some commonly used cell lines used for vaccines are taken from electively aborted babies. Even if the cell lines have been propagated for years, there is a direct line between the cells taken from the aborted baby and the vaccine developed or used today.

Of the 16 COVID19 vaccines referenced above, five companies such as Janssen Research and Development have used an abortion-derived cell line.

Not only do these ethically tainted vaccines create a problem for potential recipients who oppose abortion, they inflict ethical demands on those involved with the vaccine, such as policymakers, healthcare officials, scientists or vaccine creators and funders, regardless of where they stand on abortion.

This is especially true because alternative COVID19 vaccines can be made with noncontroversial cell types like human iPS cells, insect, hamster or monkey cells. And some vaccines can be made without using any cells at all.

The good news is that 10 companies like Protein Sciences – Sanofi do not use cell lines from aborted babies in their COVID19 vaccines.

If and when the opportunity presents itself to choose a vaccine to protect you and your family from COVID19, be an informed consumer that helps end the exploitation of unborn babies.

For life,

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9 thoughts on “Abortion-Free COVID19 Vaccines

  1. Can the companies be listed that are acceptable to us who are pro- life? We need to know before it’s vaccination time. Thx.

    Rosanne Ward

  2. Please give your readers a list of the 5 labs that are using abortion related cell lines to develop their vaccines. You list one of the five. We need to be armed with the full list so that we can check the source of the vaccine being offered to us. Just saying to the provider “I don’t want a vaccine derived from aborted baby cells” may not do any good if the provider does not know which sources produce these vaccines. But if we know the names of the labs producing abortion related vaccines, we can simply refuse a vaccine from any of these five labs. Thank you for your help.

  3. From where I sit, aware of the fact that many required vaccinations, such as DTaP, were developed with cell lines from aborted babies, but I have heard NO outcry from the pro-life movement, and parents obediently let their children receive these vaccines anyway. Merck uses cell lines from aborted babies for nearly every vaccine it makes, and often there are no longer any ethical alternatives. This of course overlooks the fact that vaccines in general contain poisonous ingredients and are not all that effective, as we find out when we observe an outbreak in diseases like measles and whooping cough, where it is the vaccinated children that get the disease and pass it on. We need to stand up to the pharmaceutical companies and the government that forces us to comply with such draconian commands and practices. If we don’t have a right to protect our own bodies and children from vaccines with poisonous adjuvants, we don’t really have the right to life and liberty anymore. Of course most of us know the right to life flew out the window with Roe v. Wade, but compulsory vaccination predates that and I would have to ask if this didn’t help lay the ground work for Roe.

    People talk about compulsory vaccination as serving the goal of herd immunity, when in fact people naturally having the disease actually works much better, and the moment that an individual’s rights are totally smashed for the greater good, we also no longer have the right to life and liberty. With the current rush to get a vaccine to market, there is the possibility that a vaccine forced upon us could actually cause millions of deaths, but by the time we learn this, it will be too late for the victims. We need to stand our ground now. NO COMPULSORY VACCINATION, and stop it for children. Government officials need to stop passing such laws. They are practicing medicine without a license.

  4. Pat,

    Please stop… While I agree that vaccines should not exploit the unborn and am opposed to the creation of vaccines or anything for that matter via unethical means, nothing damages the pro-life movement more than repeating unscientifically founded nonsense like “vaccinations don’t work” or pretending that outbreaks of whooping cough, measles, or any other disease is caused by them! This couldn’t be farther from the truth and goes completely against the overwhelming consensus in the current medical literature. As a health care provider with a doctoral degree, I can tell you that the only thing that perpetuates outbreaks of infectious diseases such as measles is people spreading misinformation like this and scaring themselves and others into not vaccinating their kids or themselves. Our immune system builds active immunity via exposure to viruses and microbes. Vaccines allow this to be a safer exposure that helps our body build a defense against that particular strand without getting sick in the high majority of instances. Further, they have been used successfully for over a century now and would have been abandoned long ago if they were truly ineffective. How do you think we almost eradicated small pox? In fact, the only reason small pox wasn’t entirely eradicated is because many STOPPED immunizing against it! Read any credible text book or scientific manuscript that you like – they will all tell you the same.

    Vaccines are not the problem – they are both safe and effective; for this, there is no debate. However, unethical vaccine development IS the problem! If we repeat what you’ve said, no one in the medical field will take us seriously and our attempts at defending life in the field of vaccine research and development will be immediately dismissed because they will view our argument as completely uneducated or stupid. However, if we realize the value of ethical vaccinations, then our argument is sound, based on truth from both science and what God has revealed, and is credible.

    Please stop spreading misinformation about the efficacy and safety of vaccinations. It only hurts our attempts at influencing medicine for the better and protecting the unborn that were not given a chance at life from further insult/injury by the desecration of their bodies/cells.

  5. If there is anything I have learned from living for 3/4 of a century, it is that you can’t take anything in establishment medical science for granted. Robert Mendelsohn MD already said decades ago that most diseases were nearly eradicated by the time a vaccine came out, because of improved sanitation. When I was growing up, there were few vaccines available, and they tended to be for the diseases that caused serious and widespread harm. Nevertheless, I learned from personal experience that the flu vaccine seriously weakened my own immune system so that I had multiple strep throats a year. In fact, as a freshman in college, I refused the flu vaccine. I have not had a flu vaccine, the flu, or a strep throat ever since.

    Some of the reasons for the current situation is because the way in which vaccines are designed has changed. Nowadays, they use live attenuated organisms that can be shed and infect others. One of my midwives had a daughter who got the Sabin vaccine. At that point in time, polio had almost been eradicated. But her husband caught polio from his daughter and died. Another thing that seems to have changed is that they are now using poisonous adjuvants and preservatives like thimerosal, squalene, MSG, formaldehyde, etc. and these cause damage.

    If I had heard an outcry against vaccines made unethically in the pro-life movement, you might persuade me, but there has been no outcry. And the fact is, when you look closely that what has happened with outbreaks of measles and whooping cough, it is the vaccinated children who are getting sick. I have freedom of speech, and I will continue to speak out. I am not against vaccination per se. I am against what is happening now, with unethically produced vaccines that contain toxic ingredients, often for diseases that rarely kill or seriously harm, as opposed to developing natural immunity.

    And if there is anything else I have learned in my life of 3/4 of a century is that modern medicine leaves a lot to be desired, has killed a lot of people who should have lived, and is systematically suppressing alternatives. I have personally been impacted in a major way by some of these practices. And I am also aware of the rampant FRAUD in the medical journals that supports giving toxic pharmaceuticals without informed consent. I no longer trust the establishment. And my own health and well being is a dramatic demonstration of why I personally am wise in this distrust.

    Please do not try to impress me with your formal learning. When you and your colleagues actually start to clean house and get rid of all the corruption, when you drive the abortionists out of the ranks, and when you allow true freedom of choice so that I have the opportunity to get experienced help in alternative fields with no fear of persecution of those who help me, I will listen to you better, but really, the job to clean house is yours, and my speaking out about the need to clean house is not misplaced.

    And above all, remember that quashing debate is NOT THE SAME THING as there BEING no debate. Allow me and others who dissent to speak freely. Only THEN can you claim there is no debate if there are no dissenters.

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