Abortion-Free COVID Vaccines

Bradley Mattes   |   December 10, 2020

Talk of COVID vaccines has taken center stage. As with all vaccines, pro-lifers want to know whether they are produced with a cell line from an aborted baby.

An analysis from Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), part of the Susan B Anthony List family, is on top of the issue and has produced an easy to understand summary of information to help you make an informed choice.

Funded by President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, eight COVID vaccines are advancing toward distribution. Each was scientifically analyzed by CLI experts to determine whether production and testing involved abortion-derived cells.

Pfizer and Moderna, the two most mentioned vaccines, joined other companies and did not use aborted cells in the production of their vaccines. On the other hand, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson used exclusively cells of aborted babies in their development. When utilized for production, the controversial cells are directly involved in making the final product, the vaccine that is injected in our arms.

When it comes to laboratory testing, at least six of the drug companies needlessly created a hurdle for American families wanting to avoid an abortion connection. They either used abortion-derived cells or utilized both abortion-derived cells and those not linked to abortion; two of the companies have not yet reported their testing process and the analysis was unable to determine either way.

According to Dr. David Prentice, VP and Research Director at Charlotte Lozier Institute, the testing process is another step removed from production of the vaccine for a recipient. “When an abortion-derived cell line is used in laboratory testing, that is not done within the production line.” He added, “It’s a confirmatory test done on the final vaccine, to validate what the scientists believe they’ve produced.  The product is used to vaccinate mice or cells in culture, to verify a response.”

A new chart tracking each companies’ activities was produced by CLI for easy reference.

Four pro-life doctor groups have reported that two lead COVID vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna—did not use cells from aborted babies to develop their products. Still, false or misleading accusations have circulated, casting aspersions regarding Pfizer’s vaccine.

One is that their two-dose treatment isn’t safe for pregnant or nursing women because they were excluded them from clinical trials. But in reality, all vaccine trials exclude pregnant women and infants out of an abundance of caution, not because of any known risk.

Dr. Prentice explains the other. “A couple of doctors in Europe filed a claim with the European Medical Agency to stop the Pfizer trial because of potential fertility concerns.

“It started with a statement by Oxford Prof John Bell, who said: “These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a %, say 60 or 70%.” By “sterilize” he means to rid the population of the virus and make the people immune, but the phrase was seized on by scaremongers who went looking for any connection to sterilization in terms of fertility, and thought they had found a protein similarity.

“They claimed a supposed similarity between the virus spike protein (the virus protein against which most of the COVID-19 vaccines are raised, not just Pfizer’s) and a protein that is expressed in the developing placenta called syncytin-1. They theorized that if the vaccine caused antibodies against spike, those might cross-react with the placental protein and inhibit placenta formation, causing infertility.  But their evidence is faulty and claims unfounded.

“We did our own protein database check on similarity of the two proteins and found that it was minimal. And the region of the proteins where the supposed similarity was found is actually buried in the protein structure, covered up so that it can’t cause an antibody reaction. The region of the spike protein against which antibodies are formed has no similarity to the placental protein.”

CLI will continue to follow the science and keep you abreast of new developments. As you make decisions concerning vaccines, be informed about making the best choice possible.

Sincerely for LIFE,

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14 thoughts on “Abortion-Free COVID Vaccines

  1. Thank you for your research on the issue of fetal cell usage in the vaccines. I would like to receive any new information as trials & public vaccinations progress.

  2. There is hard evidence that Moderna used the fetal cell line HEK 293 in development. So why CLI would you cover that up? I thought I could trust you. Now I am not so sure.
    Why would 2 European scientists submit a long and tedious request to stop Pfizer vaccination use if infertility was not a true issue? I read the affidavit. What do they have to gain?

  3. I had read some of the misinformation about the syncytic-1 protein, infertility, etc. and was very appreciative to read this article from a source I can trust.

  4. I am still confused, and not sure if i would take the vaccine, even if it had a trace of an abortion cell in it. How does one make a decision about this? I am 90, very vulnerable to the covid 19, and in much pain from nerve tissue, that is another issue i would consider. So what’s a fella to do???

  5. Molly,

    If there is an apostolate or source that you can trust on these issues, it is this one! Also, please remember that it is likely going to be very difficult for many of us to truly have a choice regarding the vaccine type that we are offered due to the high demand for these. In such a situation, even if a given vaccine was derived immorally, we would be indirectly materially cooperating with evil at the most. That is not to say that this is ok or that we should be indifferent about the fact that innocent lives were ended and were used like pieces of scrap metal, but we also must keep in mind that there is only so much we can actually control in this situation. In normal circumstances we might have more options, but in a pandemic, vaccines will be distributed in waves to select groups first while many others will have to wait their turn. I am a healthcare provider and will likely be in one of the first waves of vaccines. In being briefed, we have been told that there is no way of knowing which type of vaccine we will receive, nor will we be able to choose the one we want. We have been told we will have one of the brands distributed to us, so we can either opt to take it or decline. Thus, many of us really have no option at all other than to accept or decline. Even the general population is unlikely to have several options, as many clinics or government distribution sites will only get one type due to mass distribution logistics and the demand for these to be moved out quickly. The amount of time one may have to wait to hopefully get another option is unknown and likely extremely lengthy and burdensome. Therefore, the only real choice that most of us will get to make in the coming months is clear: either accept it and help society start the process of ending this pandemic, or decline it and continue to be a great host candidate for the virus to continue to spread. I will choose the greater good of society and get vaccinated since there will likely not be any other choice presented to me.

  6. When it comes to laboratory testing, at least six of What a controversial article. First it is stated that ‘the drug companies needlessly created a hurdle for American families wanting to avoid an abortion connection. They either used abortion-derived cells or utilized both abortion-derived cells and those not linked to abortion’ and then ‘Four pro-life doctor groups have reported that two lead COVID vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna—did not use cells from aborted babies to develop their products. ‘. So, what is it? Sorry to say that these four doctors are wrong, in the testprocedures abortion derived cells are used as stated correctly at first.

  7. These scenarios all play into the trafficking in human fetal cell lines regardless of whether or not they were used in the production of the vaccines and begs the question how other vaccines are being tested for FDA approval. Bravo! to the drug companies who didn’t use the fetal cell lines in the production of the vaccine and now use your expertise and assumed ethical concern to complete the act by not using them at all any more.

  8. It would be nice if you would simplify your answer. Provide a list of vaccines with NO connection to fetal cells and a list that IS involved with fetal cells. Also, it would be nice to know what the risks are.

  9. The chart of companies is clear when it appears from clicking on “new chart.” However, very disappointed in the article as it was not clear.

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