A New Strategy of Pro-Abortion Forces

Bradley Mattes   |   October 13, 2022

Abortion advocates are carefully exploring a possible new strategy that would enshrine abortion on demand until birth into the constitutions of various red states.

If they were to succeed, it could make advancing the cause for unborn life a more challenging scenario in a post-Roe America.

Looking to 2024, a coalition of seven pro-abortion groups are hiring staff and contemplating placing pro-abortion ballot measures before the voters of states with majorities of pro-life legislatures and governors. States that have far-reaching legislative protections for unborn babies and their parents.

The strategy of the other side is focused on the red states of Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma – states where pro-life legislation has passed. The Washington Post reports this coalition is considering a dozen or more states.

Ultimately it’s up to research and analysis says Sarah Standiford, Planned Parenthood’s national campaign director. They are well aware that such a project would require huge capital and time with no guarantee of winning.

Some Red states where Republicans hold the majority are acting now, moving to make initiatives like these more difficult to pass.

Abortion advocates were emboldened when the Kansas pro-life ballot initiative failed by an unexpected large margin. The prospect that they would go on the offensive, targeting states where they have determined victory is possible, is troubling.

The Kansas experience demonstrates why. Pro-life organizations appeared to be outmaneuvered with messaging and money. Therein lies the key issues of concern for statewide ballot measures.

In the past we have seen pro-abortion organizations, laden with millions of dollars, swoop into states to do battle with pro-life ballot measures. They descend on the state with polished, professionally produced ads and videos that convey misleading and outright false narratives, putting the pro-life outcome in jeopardy.

November 8 will be a crucial, watershed moment for both sides in the realm of ballot initiatives. In particular, there are two states to watch.

Michigan’s Reproductive Freedom for All Proposal 3 is as bad as its title insinuates. It would likely negate the existing 47 pro-life abortion-related laws and etch in stone a constitutional right to abortion on demand until birth.

The Kentucky Constitutional Amendment 2, called the No Right to Abortion in Constitution Amendment, would make the state’s constitution neutral on abortion, and state funding of abortion.

In addition, Montana has a ballot before voters called the Medical Care Requirements for Born-Alive Infants Measure. It requires appropriate medical care for any baby that survives a late-term abortion procedure.

The best thing pro-lifers in these states can do is to get like-minded voters to the polls. Handing defeats to those advancing the killing of innocent unborn babies would have a chilling effect on future deliberations of abortion advocacy initiatives.

It’s not my intent to paint a bleak picture, but to realistically lay out the challenges ahead of us as we toil to save lives. We have an opportunity in Michigan, Kentucky, and Montana to vote pro-life, thus positively impacting the battle for life in other states.

We will not give up. We will not grow faint in battle. And wherever injustice prevails, we will be there to meet it!

Fighting for LIFE,

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One thought on “A New Strategy of Pro-Abortion Forces

  1. This is an awesome stand that we are taking. Thank you for being so informative! It is a shame that we have to fight so hard for human life! But we wrestle not against flesh and blood!!! Ephesians 6:12.

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