Women Deliver Conference Launches Global Push for Abortion Services

The pro-abortion global conference called Women Deliver concluded its week-long event by announcing an international campaign for reproductive (i.e. abortion) and sexual health rights to be included in the UN’s new development goals.

Wendy Wright, with C-FAM, reported from the conference that new development goals are scheduled to be implemented when the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire in 2015. Legitimate humanitarian work will be greatly impacted around the world if groups have to provide reproductive and sexual health services in order to receive funding.

Presently, the Melinda Gates’ campaign is funneling over $4 billion dedicated to reproductive health and contraception services to poor women. Essentially, its goal is to create a demand, offer the distribution channel and use activists to pressure governments and other organizations to provide funding. The system could be used for abortion drugs, such as misoprostol and mifepristone. This has the potential to create dangerous complications for women who already suffer from malnutrition, anemia and other ailments.

Bradley Mattes, president of the International Right to Life Federation, said, “This is a calculated and manipulative effort to bring abortion to the world’s most vulnerable populations. As a result, women’s health will be put at risk and humanitarian efforts will suffer with little regard for the consequences.”