Pro-Abortion Bias in the Media

Pro-Abortion Bias in the Media

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the Accuracy in Media Center for Investigative Journalism. As a media critic, he’s dedicated his career to digging up facts and trying to bring accuracy and responsibility to a variety of media sources. Cliff has spent time investigating the media and has documented numerous cases that prove a liberal and pro-abortion bias exists within the mainstream media.

Critics have found numerous examples of how the media is biased in its reporting on abortion. Through the language and stereotypes they reinforce, their attacks on pro-life figures, or even their complete omission of the subject, the media have a history of portraying abortion a certain way. Steve Sanborn was a frequent participant of the March for Life during his 15 years as a member of the pro-life movement. He was constantly discouraged by the lack of media coverage the March received. As a result, Steve joined an effort to produce a documentary about the March entitled Thine Eyes. The year they filmed the March, Steve finally saw the media respond to the event, but what he saw wasn’t entirely accurate.

According to Cliff and Steve, there is no doubt that a pro-abortion bias exists within the media. But they remain optimistic that this bias and its effect on our culture can be turned around. In today’s age of citizen journalism, it’s important for Americans to take issues and reporting into their own hands. By contributing to the unbiased coverage of pro-life issues, everyday citizens can help hold the media accountable.

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