A Miraculous Reversal

A Miraculous Reversal

Jamie Stout of Las Vegas had a history of drug addiction, when she found herself pregnant for a second time. Determined to stay clean, Jamie reunited with her parents and her daughter Vanessa in hopes of repairing the relationships and turning her life around.

Jamie worked hard at staying clean, but she believed she was still in no condition to have and care for another child. So Jamie and her family decided that an abortion was the best answer.

Jamie’s neighbor, Marina Cortopassi, was an ultrasound technician at a local Pregnancy Care Medical Clinic and knew that Jamie was considering abortion. Marina knew that Jamie truly didn’t want to have an abortion, but saw it as the easiest solution. So Marina gathered her courage to try and talk Jamie into considering other options. But by the time Marina arrived at Jamie’s home, she’d already left to have the two day later-term abortion procedure.

The ensuing story details Marina’s persistence that it wasn’t too late for Jamie to change her mind and how both women fought to reverse the fate of Jamie’s child. It’s a story of love and hope and it proves that even when a situation looks darkest—we should never, never give up.

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