United in Disgust

Bradley Mattes   |   September 21, 2012

Throughout my life I’’ve heard the saying, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” And this week these words proved true as Jeff Smisek, the president of United Airlines, chose to align with abortion giant Planned Parenthood in a big way.

An invitation to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s 2012 Annual Gala proudly boasts Jeff Smisek’’s name as one of the event’s highly influential co-chairs. Keep in mind, his support is not merely for name recognition only. Co-chairs are typically selected because they are significant and prominent donors. This formal, black tie event aims to cater to wealthy benefactors with the tickets starting at a posh $500 each. These affluent individuals are not just showing their support for the abortion industry; they’re funding the largest abortion mill in the Western hemisphere.

I visited this mega abortion mill as it was being built and filmed a special TV episode of Facing Life Head-On about what we learned. Located in Houston, Texas, the multi-story, modern-day death camp sits just off the interstate with a large Planned Parenthood logo towering above local commuters. Former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, Abby Johnson, stated that this mega abortion mill plans to perform at least 75 abortions, 6 days a week—killing an estimated 23,000 babies per year. They’ll even kill babies into the sixth month of pregnancy.

It’s no secret what crimes against humanity take place within the walls of Planned Parenthood. But what they don’t want you to know is the unsettling evidence of just who they’re targeting. This mega abortion mill is strategically located smack-dab in the center of the most highly concentrated Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. It literally sits with walking distance of these communities, perfectly positioned to prey upon minority women. It appears that the eugenic principles of selectively eliminating “undesirables” that characterize Planned Parenthood’s origin are still alive and well today. And now they’re being helped by the head of United Airlines and a host of other wealthy party-goers.

For a man who’s paid an enormous amount of money to promote the image and reputation of his company, Jeff Smisek has grossly miscalculated how his pro-abortion association will impact United Airlines. My work in the pro-life movement requires me to be a frequent flyer, and I can tell you that I will absolutely not fly on United Airlines because its president and CEO is working hand-in-hand with the abortion industry to exterminate vulnerable citizens of Houston.

You can also be a voice for life—not just in words—but in actions by not allowing your hard-earned dollars to line the pockets of pro-abortion advocates. Here’s how::

  • Join me and the pro-life movement in boycotting United Airlines
  • Speak out and tell United Airlines why you won’t be flying with them by emailing CEO Jeff Smisek.
  • Spread the word in your community, church and online via Facebook and Twitter or by writing a letter to the editor ( Click here to see the letter template Abby Johnson created.)

We too will be known by the company we keep. When a prominent individual is willing to take such a blatant pro-abortion stand, we must be prepared to stand just as firmly on the side of life. Will you stand with me?

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