You Hold Power Over Life or Death


You Hold Power Over Life or Death

Bradley Mattes   |   September 13, 2023

Twenty-four hours after the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld the heartbeat bill, the number of abortions dropped at one Planned Parenthood abortion facility by a whopping seventy percent.  Yes, the heartbeat bill saves about seventy percent of unborn children in the state.  But look at Minnesota where existing pro-life laws were thrown out and abortion until birth for any reason without restriction became law.  In Minnesota abortions went up by twenty percent and will likely climb even higher in the future.  This is why our Heavenly Father expects us to be good stewards of our right to vote.  Our right to elect women and men who’ll pass laws either for or against abortion.  Your vote literally saves lives or takes them.  For the sake of the babies, please be an educated voter.

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One thought on “You Hold Power Over Life or Death

  1. Very good and simple point. Plain to understand. Won’t be any excuse when judgment comes and you’re asked, “Did you consent to what was being done?” Carries its own punishment, you know.

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