Prosecute the Messengers


Prosecute the Messengers

Bradley Mattes   |   September 21, 2023

Pro-life sidewalk counselors in front of a Washington, DC late-term abortion center watched as a young man picked up large boxes from the facility.  The pro-lifers asked if they could have one and he said yes.  What was inside horrified them.  Five of the babies showed evidence of being victimized by partial-birth abortion which was banned years ago.  Recently the Metropolitan Police Department said they were investigating the abortionist and his center.  But just days later they said no such investigation was being done.  Instead, the police said they were “investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery” of the five babies in question.  Instead of looking at the abortionist who likely violated federal law killing them, they’re investigating the pro-lifers who brought the crime to light.

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One thought on “Prosecute the Messengers

  1. Where there is no love for or fear of LordGod, there will be no justice. Truth becomes a threat to the injustice system left operating. Sodom degraded to desiring sex from angels. DC has become a place of similar atrocities sane people call evil.

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