Mere Chattel


Mere Chattel

Bradley Mattes   |   September 06, 2023

Well-intentioned Brittney Pearson agreed to be a surrogate for two homosexual men.  But while pregnant she received a breast cancer diagnosis.  The men had stipulated in the surrogacy contract they wouldn’t pay for a baby delivered before thirty-eight weeks due to potential health problems of a premature baby.  They demanded she immediately abort the baby.  Both Brittney and her uncle offered to adopt the baby but the offers were rejected.  She decided to keep the baby safe inside her womb until the twenty-fifth week and then deliver so she could begin chemotherapy treatment.  Once the baby was born he became the “property” of the two men who refused to allow treatment for the child and he died.  Surrogacy allows a human being to be considered mere chattel or property.

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