A Ticking Timebomb


A Ticking Timebomb

Bradley Mattes   |   August 23, 2023

Georgia has a heartbeat law requiring ultrasound to determine whether or not there’s a heartbeat.  So, staff at an abortion facility in Atlanta not only confirmed a heartbeat but also found blood in her pelvic area.  She was suffering an ectopic pregnancy, that is when the baby’s growing outside the womb.  They immediately called for an ambulance to get her emergency treatment because this condition can be fatal.  Now, imagine if this young woman received the chemical abortion pills and was sent home.  Or imagine if she received the pills by mail.  Either way she would’ve been on her own and likely mistook the ectopic pregnancy symptoms for those of a chemical abortion.  Chemical abortion pill procedures are a ticking time bomb waiting to take the lives of unsuspecting women.

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