Living in Evil Times


Living in Evil Times

Bradley Mattes   |   July 03, 2023

During the anniversary of the Dobbs decision, President Biden hosted a black tie White House that honored Minnesota governor Tim Walz.  His actions that warranted such a prestigious accolade was signing pro-abortion legislation.  One of which was the repeal of a law protecting newborns who survive late-term abortions.  Previously these babies were afforded appropriate medical care like any preemie.  Now they are left on a cold steel table to die from the elements.  Stop to think about this for a moment.  The president of the United States honors the man who signed legislation legalizing the infanticide of babies who survive late-term abortions.  And he did so with the pomp and circumstance of the White House.  We are living in evil times when we have to call out such wicked acts.

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2 thoughts on “Living in Evil Times

  1. This sort of behavior by the President is profoundly evil. He was praising a governor who is perfectly OK with snuffing out the life of defenseless newborn babies who managed to survive a botched abortion. This callous disregard of the value of human life is breathtaking. The most anti Catholic President in American history was Woodrow Wilson. This President was at least open and honest about what he believed. The present occupant of the office has the unbelievable gaul to claim to be a devout Catholic. I find Joe Biden the far more offensive of the two.

  2. Thank you for such an insightful comment. It’s good to know I’m in good company with Life Issues Institute.

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